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Outro song is “Gates of Hell” from Bayonetta, composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi



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  • I’m hardly an expert in the game, but against guys like this playing super aggressively will usually work. You can push right up to his face and just wail on the shield until you disarm him, or you can try to hook your stabs and over/under hands around the shield.

  • Kicks need to do more stamina damage like 1/3 of the bar and add weapons that ignore shields like flails, scythes, war hammers, and the spike on halberds

  • There are a few things that help deal with shields, one is using a really long range weapon like the halberd, zwei or longspear, which easily allow you to keep the shield users at bay since they have to use one handed weapons, and you can hit their shield from afar to drain their stam and force them to try to be more aggressive. The second is that if you wear light armor you are fast enough to sprint at them and kick. Doing a slash or a stab and morphing into kick is pretty effective. Finally, you can drag around them. It's not very reliable because they're a bit oversized atm, but it can be done. I find that dragging stabs from two feet or so to the side and then driving them towards the opponent while strafing around the shield works sometimes, as do overhead strikes with the halberd performed as you run by to try to slash them in the leg as you pass with the end of the slash.

  • Drag your kicks into there shield when your enemy closes in for the attack if he is off to the side then give him the poke also dragging your attack so they try to block it early so your attack connects.

  • Once you know how to counter the shields they aren't op they're quite weak I think shield bashing g in the game should be implemented or a sideways stance to have. a better attack pattern like in the old manuals of course the bonded button should be r.

  • kick is not the only counter for shields. You can use overhead strikes to hit their head if they aren't aiming high, or sidestep during horizontal strikes to hit theirs sides. You can also play the long game and just hammer him and parry/chamber until he drops his shields due the lack of stamina. The fact that you're using a 2h weapons means that every time he blocks he'll lose a lot of stamina. But yeah, shields are quite strong, just like in real life.

  • When you thust, you can aim beside his shield and drag it back into him once your point has passed his shield, that way you can thrust right through it and he can't even chamber or block it. Once you get good at it, shield become a disadvantage as no one expect beeing hit right through their shield so people just do not react and get caught reapeatedly. They probably will also think you are hacking :P.

  • You shield haters have to remember that the odds are equal as the shield slows movement and two handed weapons deal more damage. I can use both but I enjoy the fully cladded knight character. Should the medieval knights of old have been told that they can’t go into battle with shields because the two handed enemy don’t like it! Come on there’s advantages and disadvantages, counters and parry’s that can work with both styles.

  • Shield are pretty easy to counter if you can chamber. Chamber into a morphed kick when they attack and follow up with an immediate stab. Shields become easy to deal with.

  • Against shields positioning ist quite important. If you step left, perform a stab next to his body and then drag it right back to his head or flank you almost always hit them. It is also viable to do a overhead swing and jump to hit above his shield.

  • Posting this before I've seen the whole video – if you can't kick a shield user, just beat on his shield. They take more stamina damage blocking than you do by parrying. They trade stamina efficiency for much better protection.

  • sorry for eng 😀 i think vs shields you should keep your distance since you have longer reach weapon so try timing your attack after he miss his attack so he cant block fast enough and if he is pushing you like crazy then you can try kick him.

  • They tried to make the kicks better, but it's still kinda useless. Worked better in chivalry along with a a couple more things. They should make it so you continue moving foward while kicking instead of making you stop moving and kick in the void.

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