Borderlands 3 continues to look more and more content rich!
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  • I do think adding one or two characters would be nice. I like to play multiple characters. While I do tend to only have two or three having one or two more characters wouldn’t be bad and I’m sure they can add it pretty easy

  • DLC characters only makes sense…it's what we want.
    But Randy is cryptic in what he says…bending words. Some call it being…full of poopy, but that's always got to be undterstood with him. Sadly it goes both ways. Maybe even 4?
    Could be telling truth. Could be lying. Could be the fact at that time. Could have said yes, but secretly no…could be practicing telling you of a mansion that's a cardboard shack….."Is this your card…board?"

  • I think they should add more characters as while they are saying they are tryna build a story with the characters I dont think they are in terms of long term. Like for example I dont think we are gonna have quests for your character specifically or that'll be lore based outside of the usual echo drops

  • Well with what he said about DLC content and characters would they really tell us I don't think they would I think they'd want it to be a surprise that's my personal opinion and I do like the fact that they want to expand on the characters they already have what that means I'm not sure maybe it's going to be adding a skill tree or adding new skills to the mix bottom line is we don't know what they have in store for us but they've had seven years to master this game which is about 3 more than what most games take so I think it's looking good and I think that this will win game of the year hands down no contest 1 billion guns come on man that's insane

  • I did my first runthrough of B2 with Zer0. I started the other characters at LV30 just so I can try their powers and so I can run around the DLC worlds. I really didn't want to play the entire game again but I did run around the DLC worlds just to check it out (Oasis, dungeon/castle thing, Hammerlock's jungle, etc.). HOWEVER, when Gaige and Krieg were made available, THAT'S when I was ok with playing the entire game again… with Gaige. I didn't like Krieg. So…. I think adding new playable characters to the game compelled me to play it over again vs. allowing us to use the same characters but in new environments via the DLCs.

  • Data schmata I'm not a casual gamer I suppose. I beat their games with every character and I want diversity… Not tiny tweaks to someone I've gotten tired of. Give me a Kreig or Gauge for BL3. To not do so is bullshit.

  • Imagine a DLC Character as one of those Ascendent Alien things but its much more primal and like run on all 4s. Higher jump and maybe could run on walls? That would be so sick. One tree could be primal with things like melee damage and being quick and agile. The second tree would be based around some form of esp. As for a third tree I dont know enough about them to say but if someone has an idea feel free to share below.

  • Sorry but no new classes to play is a big let down unless they add whole new skill trees playing one person sounds boring and since a have max out all classes in borderlands 2 I will probably end up doing it before the second maybe first dlc comes out but whole cares right at least we get a good game but I hope they don't make it where 2/4 are overpowered and the rest are ok because in the past borderlands do that a lot

  • Ok correct me if I’m wrong but if u just casually play bl2 and do 2-3 side missions and maybe the Christmas dlc u normally finish in like 1-2 days or like 6-12 hours so I’m guessing there 30h/ real gamer time = 12-20 hours of game play if u just do the main story and like a side quest or two

  • I hope they add new characters like borderlands 2 because I went back and played and level up mechromancer and psycho gave me a reason to replay game and I hope they add Tiny Tina as a playable character because she had me cracking up in borderlands 2 hands down my favorite her jokes are Hilarious and I guest this why Gaige became my favorite because she reminded me of Tiny Tina with her Critical kills dialogues.

  • If they just reduced the grind more people would play those second or third characters. Like once you grind up to UVH (or TVH I cant remember which is first) you can unlock it with any new charachter you make.

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