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  • i was out hunting for a new mouse not too long ago, i might as well share my thoughts on the ones that i picked up and tried as other aspiring melee players might find it useful. my primarily goal was finding something suitable for mordhau, as my old g403 had an awful scroll wheel which just wasn't up to par. i asked around the melee community for recommendations and ended up with three models. frank: g502, giru: roccat aimo stouty: rival 500. sadly the rival was out of stock in all EU stores at the time so i didn't get a chance to try it.

    G502: very comfortable in hand, significantly heavier than the rest (121g). the scroll wheel is hefty and solid, and you can even unlock it to use as a fidget spinner which is great for all rapier+shield players out there. the side buttons are well placed and feel very tactile. the heavy weight of the mouse and the hefty scrollwheel actually put me off from using this mouse as I was too used to the lighter g403. this is just personal preference, i know Frank who is one of the top players swear by this mouse because of how comfortable it is. i think this mouse would be suitable for someone needing a lot of binds.

    Roccat AIMO: great scroll wheel, feels very solid and is one of the highest quality ones out there (mechanical?). feels good in hand but nothing spectacular, very safe shape. the side buttons are well placed but i don't like how there is travel distance for them to activate, i prefer the tactile feel of other models. this is the one GIRU GIRU uses becuase of the great scroll wheel. apparently it's a whopping 130g but for some reason the g502 still felt heavier.

    GPRO Wireless: i got this one out of curiosity, and turns it's the one i prefer by far. very light (80g) and good shape, the scroll wheel matches the one from ROCCAT and offers distinct clicks between each step. the side buttons are well placed and easily accessible, offers very tactile click. you don't rest on a side button constantly like you do with the g502 which might be something you want depending on the bind setup you have in mind.

    when i originally went out on my hunt for the perfect mordhau mouse i wanted one where i could have feint easily accessible on a side button, and i had other more complex bind setups in mind. but as time went on i realized that i didn't need to have a different feint bind, or have all my directions bound to my mouse. it was far easier and efficient just using the default chiv binds, setting understrike on one of the side buttons and then using a flip side key to change attack side. the one i personally use now is spacebar and i jump on alt key. i find this to be very comfortable and i can chamberbot better than any russian hack out there.

    to summarise there are lots of models out there which all work great for mordhau depending on your needs, these are the picks i ended up with from asking community but also from looking around extensively seeing what the market had to offer. to be completely honest though you don't need some fancy expensive mouse to play at your best, it's all personal preference and i'm sure someone could become the best player using any cheap gaming mouse their mom bought them from walmart.

  • I’ve been using this mouse for about 5 months mostly playing MMOs, I love it. I may try your binds in mordhau but I feel like some of the buttons are a bit out of reach sometimes. Maybe I just have short fingers?

  • curious what cpi do you use on mouse and what sens in game? your gameplay looks smoother than mine and i like it because you can pay attention to opponent easier

  • How did you bind alt stab? I find having only one stab messes with the morphs (e.g. the swing will then be on the same side as the stab, even if you pressed the other side).

  • Mordhau doesn't recognise any buttons above 4. So I have to rebind them to keyboard buttons then use the mouse software to rebind the mouse buttons to the keyboard buttons. What a fucking stupid way of doing it.

  • I always did think does anyone actually use those directional binds, I might give it a go with my current mouse just to see how I get on. But coming from having played Warband for like 1k hours I'm used to just spinning my camera everywhere to hit lol

  • I bought the same mouse after watching your video 🙂 so, In summary, lower swings (Left and right) on the bottom buttons, alt LMB and LMB for swings, Wheel up and thumb button for overhead attack, and wheel down for stab? (how do you bind for alt stab? wheel left and right?)

  • Nice video, thanks Stouty!
    I got G402, also works well with keybinds.
    I think 240 for everything is the worst, I used to play with hybrid controls which is not that bad, at some point even with movement keys and now it's a bit of a mess – getting used to keybinds, I should've started it earlier, but I kind of liked the intuitive direction swing in the beginning. I could tell others have significant advantage over me with binds, so I switched. But it's alright, I can definitely feel that I got better control of the swings now (drag/accel) and chambering might be easier. I only left the stab to be 240. If I miss my old control scheme I only have to tick "x flips attacks" option.

  • I've had a G500 for ages, recently switched to a hybrid control scheme with the X axis side selection. Once I got used to it, it felt FAR better than 240 to me. I'm thinking I'll need to get rid of the X-axis and do a full bind setup eventually, cause combos and chambering strikes can be a little overwhelming. The wheel is a bit dodgy, I get double and even triple middleclicks sometimes, but my one has been battered for a couple of years with other games and it doesn't really matter for Mordhau purposes (Bound to overhead)

    Question for Stouty tho, it seems your stabs are still using 240? Does that get in the way or is the difference between stabs so small that most of the time they're as good as each other? Binding all the stab variations would cost a bunch of buttons, but I've had 240 stabs cut short because they came from the wrong angle and that's gotten me killed a couple times. Thoughts?

  • I have the G502 and the SteelSeries Rival 500, but I just bought a Roccat Leadr and am wondering what the best binds would be…I'm a newbie and I dont understand, directional attacks? I thought that was controlled with the direction you "swing" your mouse.

  • all you need is 1 extra button on your mouse for lower strike and then alt for alternative side. mwheelup for stab, lmb is slash and mwheeldown for overhead.

  • My mouse is similiar to the Logitech one. Il need to get my directional attacks all on my mouse as I do sometimes feel one slight move brings your attack in from a direction I didn't choose.
    I generally do well in most games, 3 or more kills per death, feel this switch may up my 1v1 skills.
    Bice one!

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