After playing Borderlands 3 at the gamelay reveal and also speaking to some of the gearbox devs. There are a few new things to the Borderland series that were added that I think will really make Borderlands 3 an exceptional game. Some of the stuff we got to experience playing but some of the things were teased and hinted at by the devs in the interviews I just mentioned. In this video I’m going over the top 10 features that will make Borderlands 3 an incredible game for certain. I’m not saying it’ll be the best game in the world but with these key changes from Borderlands 2 and Pre Sequel, we may have the best Borderlands game yet!
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  • Will borderlands be amazing sure, but will it sell a lot of game copies idk its on epic launcher for pc.Also dont base a game off a beta because they can change everything in beta to release.

  • Regarding the NPC participation, I just thought: Wouldn’t it be cool if we could ‘hire’ NPCs as mercenaries?
    (Akin to Diablo’s mercenaries, that can be taken along or left at base, at will.)

  • Honestly, I thought that 2 was darker and grittier than the first one (although certainly not in visuals! Thank god for brighter colors). There was more humor, yeah, but that did more to accent how absolutely horrifying Handsome Jack is than reduce it. It felt like so much more was at stake, there was more personal pain and feeling of sacrifice, and more personal spite. Borderlands 1 just presented a crapsack world. Borderlands 2 brought real malevolence and showed that even Pandora could go further down the shithole.

  • Why do keep imagining that flak has a geralt like voice with a deep serious tone like "i was left abandoned.. Had to rely on the wildlife for communication, i only want one thing, revenge" and moze like a "crazy mechanic" kind of like a mix between scooter and tiny tina

  • Okay so our character can talk back but how many high fives can I give clap traps?

    On a serious note they really seemed to focus on the weak areas of borderlands 2 give them fixes with simple solutions and then really hit the nail on the head for the main reason we come to play borderlands games

  • I hate when people compare this to like Destiny Division and games like that cuz this is one of the original looter shooters and they've always done it the right way I hope they do not fall into what's in now because Borderlands has been bad ass since the first one and it's still bad ass to this day I love the fact they do their own thing and they don't copy these f**** trends that will be gone in a couple years as long as they keep evolving the game and pushing the bar forward and up I will keep playing them but I hope they do not repeat do not copy and paste any of those other stupid f**** games because to me those games suck and if you guys like those games I'm sorry but I can still play Borderlands 2 to this day and have fun I go back on Destiny I play for a half-hour I'm good Destiny 2 same way any of those other games at you want to name off these do not compare to this game and I can already tell Borderlands 3 is going to outshine all of them does anybody disagree with me put your thumbs down leave a comment I hope you all have fun playing this game cuz I know I will and before you talk crap about no commas bad grammar I'm using talk to text I don't have time to sit here and spell out all this BS

  • My favourite expecations i would have liked to see fullfilled, were:
    – stay true to the core humor and life of BL2, not BL1 or Presequel. BL1 was lifeless, presequel not funny. BL2 was both and it was one through the other. Shit on people that cant understand the subtle differences or are afraid of beeing offended.

    – Dont implement slag or something similar that needs weapon change for every fucking enemy in high levels, cause it gives you a 2-4 times damage multiplicator. Killed the flow of the game for me.

    -Balance Weaponmanufactures and give legendaries additional effects, instead of insane DPS, to make powercreeping not kill diversity.

    – Make the shooting more realisic for better recoil management, aiming and more stratically use of the weapons.

    – Make it Big.
    – Krieg.

  • Borderlands 3 has been hands down the best gamd I've played in the last 3,4 year's.. Honestly i was losing hope and assumed all good games were already made and played, thankfully enough we have this! I'm gonna go out on a long limb here and say it'll be game of the year once again!!

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