Mordhau is a First/Third person objective-based medieval battle arena.
It clearly draws inspiration from titles like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and For Honor but it boasts much more in depth gameplay and immersion.

You can charge into battle, greatsword in hand, chopping off limbs left and right while watching your disfigured opponent limp around trying to grasp some measure of reprisal.
Or you can gallop into battle on your noble steed chucking spears at your enemies. Beware; however, if you miss, or even hit the opponent and they live they can rip the spear from their own body and try to hurl it back at you!

You can even take a more peaceful role on the glorious fields of battle and raise team morale by playing a lute… If things get too dicey you can bash someone’s skull in with it! Hey, i said “more peaceful” didn’t I?

Customization is aplenty in Mordhau, just like progression: the progression is mostly cosmetic after level 5 allowing you to show off how many hours you’ve wasted in the game lopping off the heads of lesser men.

Now get in there and throw some pans at your enemy’s head – yes! You can do that too! – whilst pushing capture points and other objectives!

There’s also a Battle Royale mode…because of course there is!

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