Mordhau: The Birth of Quivering Beef Boy

Mordhau: The Birth of Quivering Beef Boy

Horses explode, hands are cut off and people walk into buzzsaws as Cardy and Joe have a bash on Steam’s newest breakout success, Mordhau.

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  1. Before you tell us, we know we're awful at this game. It's just really fun anyway. Enjoy the birth of our beautiful beef son. Cardy & Joe X

  2. So this is just chivalry but bit called something else

  3. Gave rory daniel

  4. no one wants to watch you fail at playing a game

  5. <b>sees title</b><br />Oh cool a new MBMBAM ep....oh wait what

  6. This was not a good video to watch while drinking coffee.

  7. This game is taking over steam charts.

  8. I haven’t laughed so much at a video in a long time ???

  9. These guys are total trash at this, back to fortnite noobs.

  10. He sounds like Neebs ?

  11. tip: you can parry an arrow

  12. Don’t waste our time with this garbage...

  13. Sounds like IHE in video


  15. "What is this game" Do all you dumb Americans ask this question sarcastically to make yourself sound funny?

  16. what happened to the graphic?

  17. What kind of monster uses mouse acceleration!

  18. This looks awesome can’t wait to see it.

  19. ????????

  20. come on xbox release

  21. That's me at <a href="">7:33</a> :D

  22. Back to fortnite ign.

  23. Did Joe just do the foppish voice? Sounds like a Regular Features character ?

  24. Legit thought the title said Queef Boy. Amazing video lads.

  25. That knight coming on screen at <a href="">14:05</a> and just obliterating that guy was so hilariously violent.

  26. These videos get absolutely buried on this channel. Ign uk should make their own and I would sub in a heartbeat

  27. One of the funniest vidoes IGN ever put out.

  28. Shitty video, where "journalists" behave like 9-year-olds.

  29. I think it was very brave how you shouted into the face of the dead man who fell off the cliff

  30. turn on vsync

  31. You're terrible, but you're my kind of terrible.

  32. Everything mordhau is beautiful. This is an excellent training video thank you. My skills have at least halved after watching this.

  33. Ign UK team should definitely have their own youtube channel. The podcast is so entertaining & would love to see it

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