TWO-HANDED FURY | Mordhau Gameplay

TWO-HANDED FURY | Mordhau Gameplay

The two-handed weapons in MORDHAU absolutely tear through enemies. Whether it is through slicing, blunt force, or the occasional stab, the two-handed weapons make you feel like a machine. Two-handed weapons are also gore machines..

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MORDHAU is a multiplayer medieval slasher. Create your mercenary and fight in brutal battles where you will experience fast paced combat, castle sieges, cavalry charges, and more.

Americana – Aspiring by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)



  1. Love this game

  2. "What happens to my teammates in these situations?" will be my favorite gamer quote from now on.

  3. Fucked me up good, I was watching this while writing and as I scribbled "you know what they say" you fuckin' said it. The hell, man.


  5. You are good fr I subbed keep up this game

  6. Call the firefighters, cause he going in with the maul hot!

  7. "I'm sorry Psycotic Hamster. That's called a reality check"

  8. I swear it is it's fucking awesome

  9. Love the recent uptick in videos Ryan, keep it up brother.

  10. Warrior's code is always death before dishonor. Madmen know no mercy.

  11. That cavalry kill streak chat

  12. When that jumping overhead attack works it is TRULY glorious!!

  13. <a href="">2:49</a> I RELATE SO GODDAMN MUCH

  14. Mordhau kill is using the grip of a longsword to kill someone.

  15. Useful info: Sometimes, instead of death, the enemy may still fighting for some seconds ( bleeding). With cut arm or leg xD

  16. The maul is so satisfying

  17. A game that Ryan's good at from the get-go? Blasphemy!

  18. Deus vult!

  19. Break the vices reminds me of the ben stillers character from heavyweights


  21. having two shields doesn't help against mauls lol.

  22. 4

  23. For the order!!!

  24. dude you are good at this game

  25. 11/10 voice

  26. <a href="">6:57</a> Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. That guy got pasted! Even my kid responded to that. You love to see it!

  27. I don't get it- is this not just exactly Chivalry?

  28. is it possible to fuck up your swing like in chiv in this? Wanna buy it but not worth it if its gonna be a bunch of knights doing reverse overhead

  29. I bought mordhau after your last video, having been a big chivalry player, I dont see the point of feinting in the game when theres morphing, if you morph you dont lose any stamina provided you land a hit, and it has the same effect as the feint, not to mention you can block while morphing.

  30. <a href="">1:05</a><br /><br /><br />(Tries a jump attack)<br /><br />Him: “Geet Heem!”<br /><br /><br />(Denied)<br /><br /><br /><br />Audience: “DAAAAAAAAAAMN!”

  31. That poor dude with the double shields, every damn time you see him, you immediately kill him in one swing.

  32. You turned into a archerpussy.. disappointed

  33. @<a href="">3:58</a> fucking brutal

  34. You haven't experienced true fear until you've been rushed by a half naked man wielding a frying pan

  35. Yepppp i liked that one

  36. This is what I call, "too much fun."

  37. I want this game so bad but I don’t have pc ?

  38. Love the mordhau content you should make more

  39. wouldnt it be nice if the bodies would pile up and then gradually disappear

  40. he's a true Baratheon

  41. You know what sucks being trapped on console it feels like you have 1% of games you can play and PC is like the other 99% You can't play bad ass games like this at least not yet if ever

  42. When you do 100 dmg to people and they don`t die it`s because they have a flesh wound perk, it allows you to live 5 seconds after getting to 0 hp, but you can lose your limbs ath that time and if you lose your head you die instantly anyway.

  43. Have been stopping by your channel for the past month or so and I just stumbled across this video and turns out I was the one who hit you as a friendly at <a href="">7:00</a>!<br />Keep up the great content!

  44. This guy seems fake tho.

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