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  • WTF?!?!? If you do not want cross-server BGs your just a moron! You could call your self a "super moron"! There are no "cons" only "pros" with having short queues! The "cone" mentioned in the video is going to happen so rarely that the "pro" of having so much better queue times out weights it by 1000 times! Some things of classic WoW was pure trash and cross-server BGs are there for a reason! Because not having them just means a waste of time of longer queues!

  • Thing is with the Token thing, there's nothing stopping you from Xfering the Gold to Retail WoW using a player run transfer service, its not against ToS but obviously has some user risks involved but this sort of thing is very popular in a similar Re-released game with Shared Sub model, Runescape.

    So long as Someone can Purchase a Token in Retail, Exchange it for 150,000G or whatever it is right now, then find someone willing to pay them 150G in Classic for that 150k traded to them in retail so that they can get a Token for their Classic Account. The Economy will exist.

  • I am old enough to remember gold farmers in Wrath. I still remember gold sellers in Echo of Souls and Albion Online at launch. A token doesn't fix everything, but it's the best damned thing to get rid of the black market. I think there should be as little arbitrage as possible (i.e. spend 15 bucks to get 15 bucks of gold and vice-versa; no $5 skimming for blizzard) but as a system it works better than any system tried.

    The only way I think Blizzard could fundamentally improve the system would be to have another currency that behaves like bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and would be used on the AH with no AH cut. That would cut inflation off at the knees. People think of deflation as a horrific situation that should be avoided at all costs. What people forget is that deflation fundamentally has a rubberband effect whereas inflation as an event horizon that can lead to hyperinflation. There is no such thing as hypodeflation or whatever specifically because deflation is guaranteed to end. The only argument against it is loans and interest rates, but we don't have loans in WoW.

    There will be a demand for gold with money. The question is whether you want Blizzard to spend resources combating it to preserve the vanilla experience or providing a framework that regulates itself. I would sacrifice part of the vanilla experience in exchange for knowing gold sellers don't have a market. Let's be real: WE AREN'T GOING TO GET THE "VANILLA" EXPERIENCE. You can't. It's impossible. That game is gone.

  • I had a character on both sides on Spirestone (a pvp server in vanilla), I remember a LOT of conversations with people in Ironfornge after we fought in BGs. Thinking about it though, i had been 2 boxing some at release, so i may have still had my 2nd account. (Spirestone came up after ZG was out, but we were not doing CrossRealm BGs yet)

    I definitely agree with Staysafe, that i would rather not see CrossRealm BGs, at least not initially. Maybe later on like phase 4 or 5. He's totally dead on, with the additional personal motivation, if you want to call it that, where you recognize certain names on your server. That was definitely very cool.

  • I wouldn't be at all surprised if Blizzard added the Token, later in Classic's life-cycle. They'll probably wait until the community has been established for some time and use the excuse of combating gold sellers.

  • the 1st one is somehow good, but people will have friends on other faction, so theire can just talk to them. 2st i think it will happend november. 3st i don't hope to god that there won't be battlegrounds, but rather open world pvp, that would gather people most unexpected places. 4st good idea with community telling of inspirations. (didn't write some of other i listened to you "careless stuff")

    – The Conspiracy Theorist

  • If they add WoW tokens to classic I refuse to play it, and I'm sure a huge portion of the community would agree. Never underestimate modern Blizzard's ability to completely fuck themselves with stupid decisions though

  • This is a bit off topic, but I wanted to put it out there for the shitz and giggles of it.

    I have been waiting for a viable retail vanilla experience for,,,,, hell,,,,, so many friggin years. Think about this. I played wow for 6 years. 6 years! And that was in my youth, so when I say I played for 6 years, I mean I FUCKING PLAYED. /played is frankly embarrassing on my OG account. But quick math here,,,, 15 – 6, carry the 1,,,, add the decimals,,,,,,,,,, THATS 9 YEARS since I have played Retail WoW. Oh Ive played on and off on private servers, but the one thing ALLL private servers lack is low-level BG's,,,,,, aka. Twinking. So yea,,, I've been waiting a while for this.

    I unlike some, am not a Vanilla Purist. I'd describe myself as a 95%er. I do very much want my Vanilla experience back. But if we are all being honest, there are some things that fit in that 5% range that I would honestly like to see corrected. Top among those changes is the introduction of Spell Parchment so you can place enchants on the AH. No, we didn't have it in 1.12, but we honestly should have. Id like to see is a properly functioning summoning stone outside of dungeons. I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to see the implementation of BG weapons and armor for low-level BGers. You know the ones I'm talking about. They were far from BIS, but they were a welcome upgrade to your quest greens and a fitting reward for marks of honor. I would really REALLY like to see some of the special abilities that Epic or Rare beasts used to have, be retained after a hunter makes it a pet instead of homogenizing everything. I remember a time when there was more to a rare hunters pet than it's skin. And lastly, Id like to see at least some tweaking for the sake of showing 1) some love to PvP, and 2) for actively supporting hybridization builds.

    I have told this story probably a thousand times over the years, but Imma tells it once more. I had a level 49 hunter Hybrid build for PvP that I absolutely loved. I was a half melee half marksman hunter build that was geared specifically to close range inside of projectile distance with clothies. Every clothie new the secret to taking down a hunter was to get into melee range with a huntard and keep them there while they feebly waved their pathetic hand weapon around. Everybody knows that Hunters don't deal Melee damage for shite. Thus it was that I took SOOOOOOO MUCH abuse for carrying Kang the Decapitator with Savagery on it. But no gift I ever got in my life gave so much and kept on giving as having a mage blink inside my bow range with glee, only to realize not a moment later they had lost 3/4 of their HP, they were wing clipped, and an angry kitty was shredding what was left of their health pool. I know that for a fact because more than one enemy told me after the matches, that they didn't even realize they were about to die until they were laying on the ground. And you know what happens to clothies when they can't close on a hunter, and can't get out of bow shot? They panic. Dear good gracious me,,, the memories almost bring a tear to my eye.

    I do hope the BG's are shown much love.

  • I NEED a Horde 'spy' toon when I play Alliance so I can keep tab on all the UD Rogues(Assassins) & Orc Hunter gankers BEFORE I enter back into the game…

  • I think you have to be a no change shithead to think there won’t be a wow token in vanilla since there literally already is. It’s called wow token. They’re shared sub so people will just trade the gold on vanilla for the wow token in retail and if you think blizzard will ban players for doing something that is directly putting money in their pockets and, from blizzards point of view, doing little to no tangible harm to the game, you’re sadly mistaken. The truth of rwt is that it happens anyway. As had developed in OSRS (where almost all gear is tradeable) there is an ethic around it. People don’t respect your achievements in game if you haven’t earned them in game and, if they play with you, they will find out if you whipped out the credit card or grinded for endless hours. I think the no changers should really start pulling their head out of their ass about wow tokens and pressuring blizzard not to do something that they will either eventually make an executive decision over the players to facilitate or, at the very least, allow to happen.

  • "Faction pride" ?? On Alliance? Since when? lol. I can honestly say i've heard more people shout "For the Horde" on Alliance, than anything Ally-related.
    You can't undo years of Horde hypeing, marketing, and all the cool devs shouting FURDUHURD! 24/7
    Let all the mucho-wannabe join the "cool faction", and let the grownups play Alliance.
    ProTip: It feels extra humiliating for them if you beat them as a Gnome. Bonus humiliation points if it has pink ponytails.

  • Im glad im not the only one thinking crbg kills the personnal aspect of bg, and beyond the honor grind, that's a big part of what makes them fun.

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