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  • Big thanks to Serparus, he is one of the best Melee fighters i know yet gave up his pride to act as the noob in this video to help with the examples. Much appreciated

  • While i agree the fire bomb is useless on open maps and best suited as a block for pushes or retreats, sprinting through it will still do damage, it has to actually settle on the floor and for the "oil" inside to catch fire, like a wind up time or "activation" time, if you throw and hit someone with it, itll do minuscule damage on impact but still has the activation time so continuing to sprint after being hit by one would get you out of the radius before it activates.

  • Fire bombs get me into the top 3 on front line, but I always use hit and run tactics and refill my bombs at ammo crates. If you can run around the front lines and get an angle on a group of enemies. First bomb just behind and the second in the middle and they back up into the fire.

  • No skill at using a shield… well block 7 people surrounding you with a shield then talk about no skill at using a shield. Shields are anti-mob. Players are abusing the parrying not being able to be used immediately after blocking another players attacks in frontline. Dont BS me with other tips at 1vMore because the chase mechanic is removing that as a factor. Going to get mobbed will be mobbed in Mordhau. When a player is getting mobbed I strongly advise taking a shield. The only way to avoid getting mobbed is having the same number of teammates to meet their opposing players in battle which if no one has a shield the first person that dies will decide which group gets the advantage of mobbing. Most public matches has rampant mobbing because most player's are not waiting to group up. They just trickle in dieing over and over. So remember this that no skill shield user is stalling more than one enemy player for his team to buy time for them to regroup. That's a useful idiot. The ones that keep trickling away from their own team to die alone to a mob that's not a useful idiot.

  • Firebombs are good for destroying objects without putting a players focus on hitting those objects with their weapon. Taiga objectives to destroy the barreir's or barrel carts is made efficient by chucking firebombs on them. The red spawn closest routes to take back the camp can be blocked by those firebombs as well as achieving the objective of destroying those barriers at the same time. If I was a pro player in a frontline match I would take advantage of that. No players would be needed to fight all the way to those barriers. They just would need to camp in the camp. Too bad public matches refuse to take advantage of this every time I put it into chat.

  • chanber and morph is not very usefull against shields in duel bec you will ran out of stamina and get killed . the best thing you can do is chanmber and convert that to a kick .sorry for bad english
    btw love your content usedto play pw with you

  • 1. There are 73 different ways to attack with all the different melee weapons (not including peasant weapons) and only 36 of them will give you a one hit kill on a full health enemy when hitting an unprotected head. Only 9 will one shot someone with light armour on their head.
    2. Attacking the legs is a bad idea. There is no weapon where attacking the legs has a more damage output than attacking the chest when armour is equal. The only weapons where attacking the legs is equally as good as attacking the chest is with the Maul swing (which 2 shots any enemy when you hit the chest or legs) or the executioners sword swing (which has the unique ability to 1 shot anyone if you hit them anywhere where they don't have armour). Not only does attacking the legs constantly do the least damage of attacking any body part but when you attack the legs you don't have a chance of hitting the head.

  • As a newbie I refuse to use the shield it's like using the gutter blockers in bowling you arent gonna get any better

  • "shields are for absolute baddies"
    >uses Zweihander
    if you wanna shit on shield users, at least use a weapon that isn't overtly OP yourself… like the bastard or longsword.. otherwise you're just a hypocrite.
    i could understand if you were talking about rapier specifically, and weapons like the short spear combined with a shield, because there is no doubt this is the absolute cancer combo of the game. but to just say shields in general is "op" is just sign that you're a noob, because its actually extremely easy to deal with anyone who uses a shield without a rapier or short spear.
    im rank 62 btw. i consider shield users easy prey… there are many ways to defeat them; kick and followup stab/swing, drain his stamina to the point of disarming, throwing something at him, chambering (especially vs. the rapier) and there's probably a few more effective ways i don't know about… if all else fails you can always just pick a spear and poke the shield user from a far without him being able to hit back, especially if you use dodge perk to create distance between you and your opponent.

  • Fleeing and letting your opponent use the chase mechanic against you can actually help sometimes. You can start an attack during your flee, turn around, and hope the enemy sprints right into it.

  • Disagree with the last one >~>

    I have a build that use all 3 lots on fire bombs and it is awesome!

    I just run around in a suicidal act laughing and annoying the shit out of everyone blocking a lot of paths and distracting the hell out of them

  • You said people who pretty much only stab are super easy to read, I disagree. At lvl 46 currently and i flat out refuse to fight people with rapiers or estocs

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