MORDHAU – War Axe & Bloodlust is INSANE – The Viking Build (Mordau Loadout Guide). I have seen a lot of people posting loadouts and builds for Mordhau and I really enjoy the game so I figured I would share my favorite one that I have been enjoying so much with the game. This loadout/build utilizes a War Axe and the perk Bloodlust as well as a 2/2/2 armor combination, allowing you to do a lot of damage while still being protected and mobile. If I had to call this build anything, I would name it “The Viking Build”. I plan on doing some more Mordhau loadout guides and build videos soon so stay tuned for that! See you on the battlefield! If you enjoy the video, be sure to let me know in some form or fashion! Whether it be a like, share, or comment, your feedback is always valued and greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Publisher: Triternion
Developers: Triternion
Platform: PC
Release Date: April 29th, 2019

What is MORDHAU?
“Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval hack ‘n slash video game, developed by Slovenian independent studio Triternion, with a prominent aspect of skill-based competitive play and customization.”



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