If you prefer Medieval fighting games or happens to be a fan of games like For Honor, Mordhau should be a natural choice for you. Since the game is a multiplayer slasher, you have to be good to enjoy it as only slashing your weapon will not get you anywhere specially with the stamina system in place.

If you are having trouble in Mordhau or are a beginner to the game, we have got 10 tips and tricks for you that will help you get better at Mordhau and improve your game.

Thanks Klean (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEHI3OE15PJ3pFWm1a9JsKw/videos) for some footage.

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  • can I report a video for false advertising? no? fuck youtube then, cause this isnt how to get better at the game, this is an overview of how the game works. I mean I guess it kinda might make you better if the tutorial didnt do a hundred times better job explaining this shit than this video. Literally a pointless video that is clickbait for views, which obviously this channel doesnt get since this video has been out almost a week and a half at the time of this comment and it has less than 1k views with 19k subs. Then the pinned comment by the channel is what is your favorite build, since they dont discuss builds in this video and literally talk about nothing that could make a player better off than if they played the tutorial. fuck youtube and their shit tier algorithms that allow clickbaiters to even make money.

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