WoW Classic, the best MMO of 2019 and the most expected. Vanilla is a rare and expensive jewel, it’s secrets have yet to be revealed. The classic wow release date is getting closer and closer, here are some things to expect this summer.

0:08 Intro
1:48 World is alive.
2:47 Gold Begging.
3:52 Improvise, adapt, overcome.
5:00 Pointless items
6:10 Expensive and rare Items
7:16 Reserving items in Dungeons.
8:22 The Dangers of a real MMORPG
9:27 Abundance of Trolls
10:27 Quest Chains
11:34 Rare Mobs
12:36 Professions are expensive
14:29 Raid combat can be boring.
15:52 People might trick you out of your mats.
16:34 Class Imbalance & Class Identity
17:24 Old Class Talents
18:22 Discovering the story
19:19 Murlocs
20:09 Outro

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Welcome back to part 2 of the things to expect in classic wow. In our previous installment we said that if the video reaches 3000 likes in the first week, we're going to make a follow up. You guys made the impossible and the clip reached it's goal in the first 48 hours, not only that but it also reached 100k views in the first week, which is pretty insane for such a small channel.

These are 17 more things to expect in classic wow. To be honest I’m a bit scared about a potential part 3 because I’m running out of interesting things to present. Nevertheless, I’m still going to make a challenge: if this clip reaches 5000 likes in the first week, we’re making a part 3 follow up. And please If you have ideas about things to expect in classic wow, floating trough your mind, please make them known in comments down below because I need you help.

Thanks for watching, Until next time, STAY FROSTY!

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