Borderlands 3 | More Details on Moze & FL4K + Exciting Changes To Weapon Parts

Borderlands news today is we got more details on the background of Moze and FL4K as well as a better look at how weapons and weapon parts will work in the game alongside manufacturers.
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  2. Imma main Fl4k....hope they let us name the pets...i wanna name the skag mr skaggles

  3. I love flak hes a sweet robot and I love that he has beasts

  4. I don’t know why everyone calls fl4k a they or them. Just call him a he. Claptrap is a robot and everyone calls him he so why do we have to call fl4k they and them.

  5. <a href="">1:37</a> oooof that feels a lil bit like virtue signalling lmao

  6. So the other vault hunters killed Zane's brothers and nephew, huh.

  7. stopped watching at " they them pro-noun"

  8. Play order:<br />Moze<br />Zane <br />Fl4k<br />Amara

  9. I'm so glad I live in Germany and can simply say "he" to a robot instead to argue about his gender.

  10. Not really interested in any of the characters

  11. Tediore and Hyperion don't have less, we literally saw a Hyperion shotgun being used in the gameplay reveal

  12. <a href="">1:45</a> like the non binary pin there

  13. Great content! That weapons review was very informative, I've been waiting for someone to cover it

  14. MOZE looks like mira from rainbow six siege ubisoft should go to court immediately for plagirisim

  15. In the controller settings, there's a category called "Iron Bear" with a "Swap Firing" setting. The info states "Swaps the controls for firing off Ironbear's Action Skills, so that primary fire shoots the right Action Skill instead of the left." Maybe Moze, like Zane, can opt to replace her grenade with a 2nd action skill. Her mech can be seen using 3 different weapons: melee claws, machine guns, and rockets, which each may have their own skill tree. Choosing to use only 1 action skill may just cause the mech to dual-wield the 1 weapon type and allow grenade use. Maybe like Zane's digi-clone tree, one of Moze's skill trees (like the rocket tree) may allow her rockets to take on the effects of her grenade mod.

  16. My god I cant wait till this game is fully released so everyone can play :D

  17. Anybody else noticing the similarities between FL4K and Zer0? I'm pretty sure they are from the same "product line." Same number of fingers, FL4K's right foot could fit into Zer0's shoes, and underneath that huge jacket FL4K is actually really slim.

  18. I would never want to change any parts it does break the rng fun in the game.

  19. I really hope randy isn't going to try and vindicate transtrenders through FL4K. They've already set back the rights of actual trans people 100 years and I doubt they need the appropriation of their identity to get mainstream support.

  20. wait is she the playgirl from borderlands 2''s magasines??!

  21. What If FL4K is actually loaderbot from tales from the borderlands?

  22. I think FL4K is the co-op player, because in one of the trailers he makes a giant orb that makes a nova with the health symbol. Also it makes sense that someone who likes animals would want to help you survive, and heal you.

  23. What I want is MORE BACKPACK & BANK SPACE. This should be a must

  24. Interesting how FL4K has a single eye and four digits on his arms...

  25. Is Moze Asian?

  26. Did you really have to correct your pronouns lol <br /><br />Is that where we’re at in 2019? Can’t misgender a robot?

  27. As much as I would love to win the giveaway of borderlands 3 if I have to watch a lot of your videos to win it I wont be able to win it because there is too much info being given away about this game and I for one would honestly love to just enjoy the game when it comes out without knowing every single detail about it ahead of time so Idk if how many of your videos ive watched is factored into who wins the copy of bl3, I'll be glad to watch some of your videos after the game launches if you do guides though

  28. Hey, where are the Anthem videos? I thought you’d be covering the game as long as it was going. Or do you mean to tell me that after you hyped the game so much you moved on?

  29. I just hope moze is not gay no hate or anything is just that when i found out athena was gay ( my last main) made me kinda sad cause i had lil game crush on her

  30. Let’s just take a moment to realize this man said borgeos <br /><br />It’s a French word my man. It’s pronounced bo͝orˈZHwä

  31. Fl4k main ever since I preordered

  32. I was just looking up bl3 info and the moment I heard your voice I thought. "Hey, my name is Ryan, "and my name is Misca" and you're watching, overwatch central." Loving your content both there and here.

  33. @<a href="">7:25</a> the borjio LMAO

  34. I know one thing. Jakobs shotguns in my hands was a nightmare in the 2ed game. more so when I only had a 2 round gun and the mecromancer. my HP would never drop as long as my clip was full and with only 2 shots haveing to reload HP was all ways Regening.

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