Borderlands 3 Has One Problem – And It’s a MOUTH

Borderlands 3 is the subject of a lot of headlines at this point and far too many of them seem to have nothing to do with the gameplay reveal. After seeing the first borderlands 3 gameplay you would think that would dominate gaming conversation, but instead, gearbox finds themselves in an all too familiar position. Borderlands 3 characters are making their way out of the game and into positions at gearbox it seems and it is time to talk about just what that means.



  1. Is there anything a game can do to get you to spend MORE than 60 dollars on it? What would it need to give you? What’s the ideal price of a cosmetic or a piece of dlc that doesn’t include content?<br /><br />Twitter: cleanprincegame

  2. Look, ive been playing borderlands since 2013, and i have never loved a game as much as i do borderlands. If borderlands 3 is just more borderlands, than they can put in a 1500$ pay wall after level 5, and i will buy the fuck out of it and still play the ever loving shit out of it. Am i a fan boy? Probably. Am I lying? Hell. No.

  3. I lost all interest with it moving to Epic, and all those other issues didnt help. I'd give Randy the benefit of the doubt on the issues but he's lost all credibility with Aliens: Colonial Marines and still acting as if everyone else but him is at fault. Which is a very common theme with the guy even outside of that mess.

  4. After ALLLL your videos before praising the game, you just had to him on the hate wagon. This is why I can’t take you seriously

  5. Oh shit you got the marge flu

  6. i dont see a problem with outits being buyable bl2 even had outfits u could buy lol as for the xp and loot boxes ur source is so off

  7. In the immortal words of some dude on youtube that I wish I could remember his so that I may give proper credit too:<br /><br /><br /><b>"I don't trust Randy Pitchford as far as a Badass Loader can throw him."</b>

  8. I'm still saying fuck epic and I'm waiting till it goes on steam, and even then I'll possibly wait until it's discounted tbh

  9. this would make sense if it was an PvP game but it’s not. Who’s fun is getting ruined the NPCs?

  10. Clickbait garbage all this is old news and were avaliable in bl2 please don't group bl2 and bl3 with the likes of modern day microtransactions such as bo4 stop making youtube videos without any actual content

  11. God damn what's your point ? Without micro transactions we wouldn't have Krieg and all of those great stuff in B2 ! Edit: kappa

  12. Borderlands 2 had the same relics dude go play the good bad and the morticai

  13. Pretty sure Randy misspoke when he said no micro transactions, I believe he meant to say no loot boxes. Which is still the case. I though he was on record saying that he misspoke?

  14. I used to enjoy your content, but I'm my opinion you suck now, just isnt the same and seems like you dont do as much research. Im only commenting cause I'm curious if anyone else feels the same. No hate, i hope you continue to post and grow but youre not the same to me anymore lol

  15. He said the wet Willy with the prank not asalt

  16. I thought someone was getting vored or something

  17. You sound like you are already afraid of the dislikes so you don't even want to be heard hahaha

  18. Ok so does ANYBODY really even want a battle royale in a game like BORDERLANDS of all things, and if you want it then you must wish death upon the franchise, plus with EVERYBODY jumping in to the battle royale trend, that trend will soon die like any other trend, plus the fact of levels so that wouldn't really work out to well, now would it?

  19. Sorry didn’t get it B4 don’t get it now <br />Terrible graphics looks good but your not in the game <br />your a cell that’s stuck over the background like you photoshop your self on a moon picture

  20. why do people refuse to accept that we are finally getting a good triple A game and stop being skeptical about everything they see

  21. Battleborn isnt free to play

  22. I don’t watch this channel very often, although I used to, and now, having watched this video, I am confused: how has this channel changed since the supposed “rededication” a while back? He promised not to use clickbait titles, not to use other streamers’ streams as his b-roll, etc. Again, how, exactly, has this channel changed? Seems the same to me. For someone who claims Randy Pitchford is the problem at Gearbox, he acts an awful lot like Randy Pitchford - over-promising and under-delivering.

  23. Borderlands 3 dosnt need promotion

  24. Couldn't give a flying f¥ck what randy pitchford says or does, have pre ordered bring on the mayhem

  25. Oh shit I heard Dave Eddings and was so confused and thought of David eddings ( I think that’s his name ) he wrote the belgariad

  26. You do sound like marge Simpson ?

  27. He later clarified and said it would be exactly what we got in BL2. Any hardcore BL players knew exactly what he meant, that there would be a few cheap skins and some, hopefully, excellent DLC packs.

  28. No offence but please clear your throat

  29. Also Pitchford sounds like a fucking asshole

  30. When did he (Randy) ever say there were going to be no cosmetics

  31. listen noob. what the problem? u cn only buy skins... what a childish fanboy you need to be for buying those skins?

  32. You sound like VideoGameDunkey

  33. I hated the golden key box in borderlands 2 that being said I am probably going to get the ultimate edition

  34. I would like to see all old vault hunters as playable characters in certain events in game. Here me out, I know this maybe too much, but I remember playing gears of war 3 with my best friends. They had a game mode which every other studio started to imitate, (Horde Mode). I would like to see this with all vault hunters fighting waves of enemies with a mini boss every 10 waves. Im asking alot I know, but I think this would keep players playing for many more hours even after campaign completion. Maybe have this mode unlocked through after your first playthrough, and every other playthrough unlocks tokens to unlock a old veteran vault hunter (Brick) for ex. into the new mode.

  35. So Borderlands 3 really isn’t the problem, it’s Randy Pitchford

  36. Stop spreading fake news ass hole

  37. In other words there’s nothing wrong?

  38. May I remind you it's a RPG game with no pvp unless you intiate it so RPG games usually have a way of progression we see this in Borderlands 2 with increased difficulty but better loot in ultimate and true "campaigns"

  39. Whats wrong with buying special editions/deluxe editions instead of normal edition? Its not a MUST!<br />There are ton of games out there, that players have "attached to", so they dont mind to spend some extra for the deluxe/super deluxe etc.. editions.<br /><br />As for the drama, thats just full of sugar-coating, so the media and other articles get more numbers.<br />Im 90% sure, that every company has Issues, when theres talk about money.<br /><br />Money makes people crazy. Sometimes society worships it more, than family, health or stressless life.

  40. Appreciate the music

  41. The things people class as assult thesedays is funny, a wet willie wouldn't have even been classed as bullying when I was at school(being British it wasn't something we had), it most likely would have gotten you bullied instead for being weird.

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