CHRIS AVELLONE write of upcoming STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER has given his criticism of The Last Jedi. Although he uses tactful language he destroys the film based off Characters, Story and Motivations. This bodes well that his game wont be taking pointers from it.

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  • In a long time ago in a galaxy far away. You can still travel to the most exotic Salons in all the universe to get that beautiful lavender color in less than 45 minutes, perfect for your busy schedule of fleeing the new order and leading the resistance.

  • There's a lot to be critical of in terms of the last Jedi, but Rey being "perfect?" She made a lot of mistakes and TLJ that could serve her character arc. Most notably, she was dead wrong about Kylo Ren. That said, everything about Rose and Finn makes the film for me completely unwatchable. The stupid pointless an ultimately meaningless plot detour completely ruined the movie.

  • You "liked" force awakened who had a character that after being introduced in the film not knowing jackshit about the force at the end of the film was as skilled in the force as Luke was by the end of it all…..

    Heel…… You're a idiot that is to easily pleased with special effects and you just joined the bandwagon on hating after it became popular when actual Star Wars fans where saying it was shit from the start.

    But go ahead and pretend like you have a invested interest in Star Wars so you can get more views. Totally not using the same garbage tactics you just belittled someone for in your own video. Get bent, you are motivated by the very same greed you criticize. Immoral douchebag calling other immoeral douchebags out, that's your channel basically.

  • Yeah. Luke should have been wise, on the more warm, light-hearted side guiding Rey through her trials and while Rey's character should have been more confused, full of questions, fears and doubtful yet knowing she feels the force calling her to her destiny and willing to face the fear. But they really ruined it.

    Oh yeah, and rose should have died 😀

  • How poetic that the guy who made the best Star Wars story in existence via his execution in subverting our expectations is lambasting the guy that wrote the worst Star Wars story in existence via his execution in subverting our expectations. This is going to be a great game.

  • Try to keep a focus on your neck, please. Hopefully this isn’t your issue, but if you are having disk spacing issues, the first pains that come and go can resemble minor cricks. Speaking from personal experience at 32 years.
    Also…. I’m not surprised Luke’s character is being destroyed! I’m still PISSED at how they marred Han’s character! Given a portrayal of such WEAKNESS, he bailed on Leila at the first sign of daddy/son issues! There was nothing left for Han, but to rightfully die after he was mutated into a worthless deadbeat and runaway husband!!!! You can’t root for that… you just can’t… damn it Disney… damn it…. Just go back to remaking your freaking “classics” and stop shitting on our iconic Heroes! I’m sorry your enthusiasm for future Star War’s has withered with the destruction of another of the greats, Luke Skywalker. Mine withered with the first movie’s classic hero takedown, Han Solo, if you couldn’t tell. That vacuous feeling of nothingness for upcoming Star Wars stories that should make ya giddy and glow with excitement is a shit feeling, indeed.

  • I went in to TLJ excited to see it. I came out with utter apathy for the characters and the story. It's hard to care what happens to a bunch of 'heroes' when their opposition are incompetent slapstick idiots. Snoke was sliced in half while bragging about how awesome he was at seeing into minds, Hux was turned in to a whipping boy, and Kylo is an emotional 14 year old. I will probably come back to star wars once the current crop of idiots and losers on both sides are dead and gone. It seems that Disney has realized this too as they have spent 2 movies failing to build characters or story of any value and are having to bring back even more legacy characters to try and salvage the train wreck. If they handle them as badly as they did Jake skywalker, it's all for naught.

  • I've been pissed at disney since they decided to run over the extended universe. The force awakens was the windup for the shitshow. I havent seen last jedi because I knew it was going to be like a giant kamehameha wave only with dirt brown stinky shit instead of energy or ki. Every night i try to find mickey mouse in my dreams so i can rape him because thats what disney has done. Theyve raped star wars. Time for some payback. Fuck I hate disney.

  • I hated last jedi, but I felt so sorry for the actress that played rose. She was really excited to be part of the sw franchise but having to play that character and the backlash the character received must have been brutal.

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