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  • Such an addon was created on Nostalrius but none really used that. Discord with dungeon channels etc were a thing, but searching through world channel was faster and better choice.

  • i dont get the argument, LFG is good, LFD and LFR are bad, looking for group addon is just a ui streamlining the lfg chat into a more manageable form so you can find and creates groups more easily you wont have gs so you will still have to inspect people and talk to people so i really dont see the difference

  • be glad that people like asmongold aren't running WoW.
    his surface hot takes designed to rile normies up on what the correct intuitive answers are will destroy the game more than any casualized expansion can ever do, once you take into account the thousands and thousands of intertwining elements that can spiral into total chaos.
    there is clearly a line, at some point, that you will encounter if you ban group finder mods. what about mods containing discord invites, relating to group-finding discords with bots arranging groups and separating by role and server automatically? what about mere lists, what about time slot availability people can manually write to know when is good time for what class to show up and improve your chances, what about mods monitoring the player numbers around a dungeon; what about mods catching and cataloguing phrases containing the name and abbreviation of the instance so you can know at any time if the correspondand local chat is looking for the last person, so you can whisper the leader and join while you're questing on the other continent being oblivious otherwise?

    Asmongold knows he's spouting shit, it's on you people to realize this isn't how games are handled. He only does this because your mouthbreathing reaction give him positive signals to do so.

  • i agree with Asmon, im a no changes person, although i didnt play wow until Cataclysm because i was too young to play before (am 16 now) but as Asmon says 1 little change, ye it aint gonna hurt the game that much, but when every1 comes with ¨small little changes¨ it starts becoming big changes as far as game experience goes to be honest im even triggered they added the option for modern graphics, dont want to watch classic streams or videos with BFA graphics, and as far as addons go, i think it should be bannable to use addons like quest helpers and dungeon / group finders.
    This is just my opinion though feel free to tell me im full of shit, have it good people TJAU

  • i signed up for beta but didn't actually think it would release. do the characters transfer over to the actual game and is it going to be a beta of the whole game? maybe speedrunners would stream it on twitch?

  • Honestly who gives a fuck. You’re just being a virginistic neck beard at this point. the main problem was never even dungeon finder to begin with, it was CROSS REALM play. Dungeon finder, you’re still playing solely with people on your server. But let’s say you’re not happy with that. This supposed addon is STILL another step below that. You still will have to browse a list and manually form a group. In other words it’s essentially the same shit, as posting in /world channel.

    On Nost, they had an addon that was close to what you’re talking about. All it did was scan for people that have put thenselves in a state in which they are “looking for group”. There is no instant accepting or inviting, and then on top of that, the majority of players aren’t even using it. It’s a complete non issue.

  • What I find hilarious is people are buzzing over the classic beta release. Let's be honest you know what is happening it's not like we all played the game for years 😂

  • WoW as a whole is dead and dying. Classic isn’t going to solve anything. Classic will be a thing for a few months and then die down. Classic was only hard due to the way drops were done. The encounters, the dungeons etc. are all incredibly easy.

    As much as folks don’t want to admit it the player base is far above the skill level of classic. The raids will be blown through and then it will fall to a thing a handful of the player base does. I would be surprised if it doesn’t go down to like 3 servers in a few months.

  • "Classic with how easy it is"
    "It's so easy"
    He literally never even played Vanilla beyond the 40s lmfoa
    We just had it confirmed that privates are nerfed.

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