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In summary I found the new effect the least exciting on paper when you read it, no alt firing modes, no legs when you throw it, no shields or dual elements. If you crit you get a single extra bullet to reflect to a new enemy. However its quite perfect for Jakobs IMO. Jakobs are crit based guns that like playing Zer0 or Aurelia reward skillful play. This really fits that play style. These are not spray and pray guns, they are precision guns.

Why I say most satisfying is a bit biased because I love Jakobs and these felt so Jakobs. They are still one shot per trigger pull, you can still fan the hammer, they still hit really hard. They still feel very Jakobs. But with the new look and new sound they feel stronger and more robust.

The only shotgun I got was a crappy white one with a back pack full of blues and purples, so I didn’t really get to see how they turned out.

One thing I saw after the Video is K6 put out a video where he found a red text Jakobs sniper that had a really cool effect. It had a NE splash added to it on impact and instead of 1 bullet reflecting, it had 3. If you combine that with Amara’s new chain reaction we might see some pretty interesting combos.



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  • FL4K apparently has a sniper in their released art, which makes it likely that we're getting a very sniping friendly playstyle. Maybe something awesome like "pet holds enemies in place and reveals their crit spots", or tanking while you hang back.

  • Jakobs finally makes LEVERGUNS! 8-D Nuthin' more fun than a levergun.
    1:48 What's the point of having a cartridge holder strapped to the side of a top-break single-action revolver if your character always reloads using a speedloader? And why does your character reload "wrong-handed?" It takes longer that way, therefore it defeats the whole point of the top-break design (which is fast and easy reloads).
    2:49 Some Jake revolvers look like they're based on the Schofield (the ones that are top-break single-action), but that one looks like it draws influence from a ye olde open-top revolver like the Colt 1871.
    3:24 With the hammer, you can probably swap between double-action and single-action (judging from some of the gameplay I've seen). I imagine single-action is more accurate (and more stylish), whereas double-action is faster. But since when do revolvers have magazines? I know, I know. We can just assume that "magazine" is used across all weapons types and also refers to revolver cylinders.
    3:35 Notice the different cocking methods. Dig it! Fan the hammer while not aiming, but use a more precise method while aiming. The preferred technique with single-actions is called "cross-thumb" which is when you use the thumb of your support hand to cock the hammer.
    5:34 No sights? What gives?! Haven't they figured out by now that we want functional sights on all weapons?!
    6:19 I get what they're going for with the cockeyed scope, but it's mechanically pointless to have to flip the scope to the side to reload. Why not have the rifle feed from a diagonal magazine to justify the cockeyed scope? Or how about having both ir0n sight and a cockeyed scope so we can use combination sights like Dahl? That would make perfect sense on a safari rifle and I'm pretty sure Sir Hammerlock would back me up on this. I loved Whitting's Elephant Gun in BL1 and the Buffalo in BL2 (both manually operated Jakobs safari rifles with plain 'ol ir0n sights).
    7:30 Top-break like a Schofield or Webley, but as I mentioned before, why the "wrong-handed" reload? Professionals agree that, whenever applicable, it's always preferable to reload with your support hand. The only possible exception would be with a gun that's noticeably front-heavy. Of if you shoot left-handed (like me), a revolver with a cylinder that swings out to the left.
    8:29 Well, we can agree to diagree. I still say the "wrong-handed" reload defeats the point of a top-break design. I see right-handed shooters do that a lot with modern double-action revolvers with cylinders that swing out to the left and it drives me up a wall! Part of the reason is because, as a left-handed shooter (due to eye dominance), I understand that I need to modify my techniques because most controls are optimized for northpaws. So it makes no sense for a northpaw to be doing things "backerds" if they're using a device that was optimized fer them ta begin with.
    Note: I like the 5-shot cylinder. I'd hazard an educated guess that fewer chambers means bigger and badder bullets.
    8:32 And yet it's a 5-shooter. Seems like a 5-shooter would be a Magnum or big-bore, whereas a 7- or 8-shooter would pack less punch per shot.
    9:42 That Pritchard style bayonet should be mounted farther forward with that barrel. That barrel looks like it has a muzzle brake accessory which is probably why the bayonet doesn't mount farther forward on it. But look at it! You wouldn't be able to stab but two things with that sucker – Jack and squat – and "Jack" left town.
    11:16 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is the deal with that reload animation?! If the scope is cockeyed anyway, why not just make the rifle top-fed with a straight-pull bolt-action mechanism and leave the scope stationary?! That would even allow for combination sights since you could have a scope on one side and ir0n sights on the other. Alternatively, you could have ir0n sights on top of the scope. That scope is based on an old-timey design, so it's long and thin, which means there'd be a nice broad sight radius if there were ir0n sights on top of it.
    11:32 If it's not full-auto or burst-fire, it's not an "assault rifle." Jakobs "assault rifles" in BL2, since they were semi-auto, could be more accurate described as "battle rifles."
    12:32 It must be crank-operated. You wouldn't be able to tell while you're aiming through the scope.

  • My favourite Jacobs I seen was a assault rifle that actually was automatic, basically the character hand cranks to fire the gun, like a ye old 19th century hand cranked gatling gun.

  • Hopefully they keep this level of power at endgame. Jakobs snipers in vanilla BL2 were underwhelming as hell at endgame and got outdone by Dahl/Vladof.

  • I disagree on bladed weapons being a waste, especially on Jakobs weapons. Bladed revolvers I feel are a great asset to the arsenal, particularly with melee strong characters. Many is the time I've used Zer0 up close and after a head shot to an enemy delivered the deathblow in damn near the same action. I think Jakobs doesn't need to outfit elemental damage with shots being as they're so powerful. But I would like to see the game kinda branch out with different muzzle fixtures. Maybe something like a serrated barrel end, for example.

  • For the Jakobs AR, hes holding the side grip because to shoot it, you have to spin the side grip, i think. In the last cut you can see the hand move up after unaimming, showing that his hand was moving while firing the gun.

  • I took to playing borderlands 2 again I want to play a jakobs build not necessarily a loyalty build just someone who uses jakobs guns the best so which character should I use for max effect

  • I'm liking the new Jakobs AR variants. Dat ping tho. Also, stripper clips. They're really going whole hog on them being just the "fudd gun" manufacturer, which is pretty nice honestly.

  • Hopefully Jakobs actually has some use for high lvl gameplay this go around. In 2 they were monstrous in the first playthrough and then fell off pretty hard barring impossible to find weapons like bekah.

  • i like how they feel more satisfying. the weapons in bl2 and pre sequel really disappointed me because, while for the most part they looked okay, they felt like toys. there was no power to any of them apart from like, maybe bandit machineguns and shotguns. it completely ruined both games for me lol

  • You will love the Flood. The Flood is a legendary Jacobs revolver that is fully automatic for the cost of 15% gun damage. That thing is a beast!

  • Those rat/roach things that "magically" healed themselves by eating their own dead friends to regain that health. Was curious if one would evolve into something bigger, but that never happened for me (game is still new too me, so here is the hope that things can increase in size and scope). Thought I'd share that with you, thought it was interesting.

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