DOOM Eternal - Stadia Gameplay Demo - Higher Quality Video

DOOM Eternal – Stadia Gameplay Demo – Higher Quality Video

A higher quality video of the DOOM Eternal gameplay demo on Google Stadia, from GDC 2019.

The presentation, including the gameplay I recorded from, can be found here:

Note that the source video is 720p 30 fps, but I recorded at 1440p 60 fps to try and maintain quality through re-compression and YouTube playback.



  1. Just a side note, doom 2016 also had a low health heartbeat :p

  2. This relieves me of the worries about the movement speed and UI, in fact I like Eternal's UI more than 2016 now.

  3. Good Bye UN I guess with those crazy jumps .Btw nice video dml! ?

  4. How?

  5. I see quite blurry...anyway i prefer play on local at 144 Hz

  6. <a href="">1:52</a> Codex found Carcass

  7. dml! strikes again

  8. haha yes òwó

  9. Notice in the upper right they have the combat rating (BUT NOT ALL THE WAY IN THE UPPER UPPER RIGHT) Looks like SOMETHING could fit on top... Maybe like a power bar for the Crucible or something?<br />Either way thats alot of room above the combat rating

  10. Woah I haven't seen THIS before!!<br />Hooray, Doomguy is grunting in pain again!!

  11. I'll be at Quakecon this year, gonna be able to play this on the day, it's gonna be awesome!

  12. that soundtrack makes my ball sweat, OMG!!

  13. The video audio sounds compressed for me.

  14. god this soundtrack fucking BUMPS but the visual quality of this makes me worry for the Stadia or maybe the pc it was captured on just wasn’t that great

  15. Not really sure I like all the double jumping/air dashing. I know Doom is all about fast paced but those features don't really seem like they play a part in Doom. This is coming from someone who adores every Doom game so far, even 3 which was more of a horror game.

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