7 Embarrassing Ways to Die in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 gives you a lot of things to kill your enemies with. However, some deaths are more cringe-inducing than others. After some hands-on time with the game at the LA launch event, Ellen shows off just a few ways to destroy your foes that will also destroy their ego.

Borderlands 3 is due to be released on 13th September 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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  1. Borderlands 3 has plenty of ridiculous ways for you to take out your enemies - here are some that they definitely don't want written on their gravestone... ☠︎

  2. The worst way is a rasputinian death involving all of these

  3. 1 you lucky bastards getting to play borderlands 3 and 2 zane has a weaker version of timothy the doppelgangers ability to create a clone.

  4. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6XrJT_DYzQ&t=10m08s">10:08</a> "I demand a sky burial!" I love that line

  5. I really wish BL3 took after the style of borderlands 1 but nah its like 2 but even crazier.

  6. Interesting video, nice gameplay, cheeky humor, but the Lack of Ads, is literally the embarrassing way I’m dying... i almost want to reach through the screen and Yell, “ for the love of Borderlands, PLEASE Aim Down Sights!!!!!

  7. My last words in Borderlands 3: YOLO MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! EAT MY SOUL STABBERS!!!!

  8. I’m about to arm all the sheep’s in the world with borderlands weapons anyone else in?

  9. Now I want to give sheep guns

  10. ARM THE SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6XrJT_DYzQ&t=6m51s">6:51</a> enemys parent:wheres my son <br />Youtuber:gone reduced to atom

  12. idk killing yourself with the electric chair as it kills off all the enemies then yourself is pretty embarrassing...not that i have an experience there.

  13. In the pre seqal deadlift can get stunlocked by oz kit slam

  14. Dumb ways to die...♥

  15. I say the worst would be dying by a projection shooting you

  16. They fr used fire against shields smh

  17. I die on borderlands 1 randomly. Just drop dead and go flying into the sky. Mix of WTF and really funny

  18. The guns sound so clean omfg

  19. Releases in September? You mean releases in March

  20. Am I the only one who thinks claptrap isn't annoying

  21. I mean ... they literally are some from bl2 and First tedior and Second tedior... literally the same thing

  22. And what is so embarrasing by Thors deaths.... Explosions ... super Powers ... high tech.... come on the only embarrasing thing is you

  23. So....this list is mostly things that happen in other Borderlands games? Got it.

  24. Much excitement

  25. Liar the game's not even out yet how could you of played it

  26. Oh boy I wish I could hear her with her being like 500000000 feet away from her mic that game play is louder

  27. I want there to be elemental ice

  28. hey don’t disrespect my boy flappy borderlands 2 wouldn’t even happened if it weren’t for him

  29. I'm sorry but I would be honoured to be slamed to death and then corroded away

  30. Another question did nobody notice that the spider gigamind is a reference to doom

  31. Make game come out now

  32. Being punched by a Siren so hard you cease to exist as she rains down acid death? That's not only a badass death, its so metal I think it's Jack Black's death of choice!

  33. So amara using her action skill is embarrassing to get killed by. Dude these guys know nothing about borderlands

  34. This isn't so much "Embarrassing ways to die" as just "Fun ways to kill"

  35. "Enough weapons to arm all the sheep in the world"

  36. Man, when it came to coming up with embarrassing ways to die, you were really <b>grasping</b> with Amara, and your reasoning was <b>holo</b> with Zane.<br /><br /><br />Nailed it.

  37. Claptraps new voice still wigs me out

  38. Outside xtra and outside Xbox need to form one channel because it would be awesome

  39. If you ask me, getting killed by a space monkey that has a gun is pretty embarrassing.

  40. These are all standard ways to die

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