Why We're Worried About Jedi: Fallen Order

Why We're Worried About Jedi: Fallen Order

Let’s get down to brass tacks: We’re worried about Jedi: Fallen Order. The game comes out in November 2019, so there’s still time for Electronic Arts and Respawn to change our minds. But, for now, we’ve got some major concerns about this upcoming Star Wars game.

Respawn is at the helm of Jedi: Fallen Order, but we can’t forget the parent company that looms over them. EA owns the Star Wars license when it comes to console games, and they have it until 2023. However, according to reports from Kotaku, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has always wanted to keep the company’s focus on in-house titles, like sports games, Battlefield, and The Sims. The Star Wars deal doesn’t fit that mold, which might explain why the last two Star Wars games were essentially sci-fi Battlefields built for monetization.

You probably already know how much EA likes microtransactions, to the point where a community manager for the company needed to confirm that Jedi: Fallen Order wouldn’t have in-game transactions, DLC, or a season pass. That news was so unexpected that it made headlines.

Basically, an EA-published single-player, narrative-driven Star Wars game that doesn’t focus on monetization sounds too good to be true. The PR for the game is taking the right first steps, but we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If you’ve been paying attention to the battle royale genre, then you know about Respawn’s hottest new game, Apex Legends. It’s free, after all. The first-person shooter took the world by storm, racking up 50 million players in its first month. The game is, as you’d expect, a live service, requiring constant monitoring and patches.

In essence, Apex Legends has been massive, and it looks like a game that will continue being important to Respawn and EA. It’s worth noting that Apex fits the classic EA mold far better than Jedi: Fallen Order. Season passes, loot boxes, new heroes, and skins are all crucial parts of a lucrative long-term business plan. A contained, single-player story? Not as much.

Maintaining an ongoing game as a service isn’t the same as developing a whole new title from scratch. But having a studio do both at once calls into question the quality of either product. Even with more than 200 employees working at Respawn, it’s hard to rule out the possibility that Apex Legends could take resources away from the development of Jedi: Fallen Order.

Watch the video to see more reasons why we’re worried about Jedi: Fallen Order!

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  1. Its EA. That the biggest fear

  2. Short answer: EA<br />Long Answer: EA

  3. Come on EA don’t do an EA

  4. How about not giving a fuck about it? It really costs you no stress whatsoever! Wait for it to come out, watch gameplay, and if you like it, buy it on sale or better yet. If you dislike it, steal it!

  5. lol it’s EA lol they can say whatever they want to. What did they say about Anthem. What happened with that E3 trailer lol. Do not preorder this shite. But people will because they are insane. But I guess the naivety of gamers is very strong these days.

  6. EA should have already lost the rights to Star Wars. They have proven they suck in modern times

  7. Gameplay next month, EA play and E3.

  8. Isn’t it just a Force Unleashed remake but from the Jedi side?

  9. After the atrocious launch of Battlefront II I don't think EA would risk making another flop. I reckon they cancelled their other Star Wars game to put more assets into Jedi: Fallen Order. Hopefully it's good because if not EA will actually lose a lot of money given there are more skeptics than ever.

  10. What kind of Star Wars game would you want to see?

  11. Short Answer: EA<br />Long Answer: Electronic Arts

  12. Disney really fucking dropped the ball.

  13. gameplay will be reveal in ea play (7 - 9 june)

  14. i would say on some level they have the right idea based on the preview, on another level its easy to copy my words - never seen anyone follow them

  15. Because EA.

  16. Because Disney owns star wars?

  17. Look at Guerilla Games. They went from only first person to third person and everybody loved it. Just wait till you see gameplay at E3 is all I’d say.

  18. How are EA so dumb that they can't see that, if the games are good, having the licence to make Star Wars Games is basically a way to print free money.

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