Wir hatten die Chance den beiden Entwicklern Ion Hazzikostas & Calia Schie ein paar Fragen zu Classic zu stellen!

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  • I partially disagree with their point on being a "nameless adventurer." I agree that your character shouldn't be a nameless nobody after killing the Lich King and all that, but there's a far cry from being a noteworthy hero to being the godlike savior of the universe that the current retail version makes you out to be. These days every major character in WoW lore licks your boots and is on their hands and knees begging for your salvation, which is ridiculous in an MMO where you know every player running around has exactly the same thing going on. This was especially ridiculous in Legion when you had 800 paladins all standing around the same paladin order hall, which they were all the commander of somehow, all holding an Ashbringer. The only reason this even kind of works in WoW is because they've stripped the game of any semblance of community so you never interact with another human soul in the game anymore anyway.

    I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV recently and it hits the sweet spot for this in my opinion. In that game it's no secret your dude is a badass and the NPCs regularly tell you as much, but you're never made out to be the emperor of mankind or whatever. You're badass enough to be present while major lore characters are making decisions, but you're still taking their orders and the game isn't afraid to hand you your ass in the story. In the most recent expansion the story's villain utterly mops the floor with you on multiple occasions. For me that's the most interesting way to do it. When my character is the center of the universe I just find it extremely boring.

  • oh right, i know her! it's the typical "what music do you like? -anything"
    "what cuisine do you like? -everything", "whats your favorite color? – they're all so good".
    She knows her Vanilla stuff for sure.

  • 1000 players in elwynn forest is possible? how come if there are more than 50 players in boralus the entire zone is unplayable

  • 8:40 i dont agree with you, i mean you may defeat all of those big bosses but you dont do it alone, you do with a raid or on the lore with an army so why do you have to be "the hero" and not one of the warriors who fight to defend this world instead the chosen one?
    IMO I even think that's silly be called hero lol

  • The big question no one is asking Blizzard is what will happen to a server layering when the server population is extremely large still? For example, if they aim for 4,000 active players at one time and a server has 3 layers of 4,000 players each and a 4th layer is created and destroyed every now and then (i.e. 12,000 active players) what will Blizzard do about those types of realms? Are they thinking about it if they don't have an answer yet?

  • We should be thankful for this man, We are not judging the people that jumped ship but we are judging him about the game' s development. I'm happy he is still here trying to make it a good game with revenue (because sad enough that's how it works today) Games were art, now it's a business model.

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