So we bring some much needed pergery on the heresy rampant in the Mordhau lands. A battle priest of Sigmar has been transported and is taking heads. In slow motion. It’s glorious to behold and bring a tear to the eye of any Warhammer fan. Praise Sigmar and the Empire!

Episode 1. It was supposed to be a single episode but 2/8 footage files + the corny opening amassed a 20+ minute video. This could have easily been an hour. Had a lot of fun putting it together so fuck it a second is already in the works. Praise Sigmar? Time will tell.

As always

Stay too competitive.

Stay too chilled.

Disclaimer: All obvious audio/video clip pop culture references are for satire. I do not own them. Will happily re-edit if the owners reach out and ask me to do so blah blah blah



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  • O Sigmar, father of my forefathers, watch o'er us in these dark days and grant us succor. O Sigmar, Father of Emperors, grant us but a merest sliver of thy wrath. O my lord, Sigmar, who art mine liege snd king of us all, cast thine gaze down upon us, and witness our deeds and struggles in thy name. O my Sigmar, who art hammer and griffin, grace us with thy will that it might be done. O my Sigmar, born of comet, give speed and wrath to our spears and our hammers, that we all might strike true and repulse the old enemy. O Lord Sigmar, emperor and god, witness thine children as we battle in thy name.

    O my emperor, o Sigmar, o victory-famed war-king, give of thy light to us that we might see, of thy fire that we might endure, of thy love that we might thrive. O king of all kings, emperor of all lands, give sight to us who have lost their way. O my emperor, crown-wearer and hammer-wielder, griffin-rider and world-tamer, baleful wrath, warlord, and thund'ring roar, hear our meager call, festooned with naught but powder, faith, and steel, and aid us, that we might cast off the Eightfold Path, wreak righteous vengeance upon thine foes, and crush under hammers that which would oppose ye.

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