Clint falls in love with MORDHAU

Clint falls in love with MORDHAU


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VODS: (deleted after 2 months)

ocarina of time randomizer ►
smash bros. ultimate ►
let’s go eevee ►
star road ►
ocarina of time SM64 HACK ►
super mario odyssey ►
getting over it ►
papers please ►
poly bridge ►
breath of the wild ►

edited by prezoh ►



  1. Clont

  2. Show elbow

  3. <a href="">6:09</a> What song is this

  4. wheres that show feet comment?

  5. Holy fuck this was funny, an actual goldmine pogpogpogpog

  6. imma need some more of this

  7. <b>show feet</b>

  8. "Clint speedruns dying in MORDHAU"

  9. Prezoh going nuts

  10. True love

  11. you’re funnier on vimeo

  12. Pay show feet guy!

  13. Okay Prezoh I know you might be backed up but atleast let me know if you are going to make a video of clint making the cutest faces you can find

  14. speedrun minecraft

  15. <a href="">8:29</a> absolute legend

  16. Kills team Stevens

  17. Xenoda switches between saying "Clint" and "I" in the title as Clint hops between SM64 and OOT

  18. i want to see him react to projareds fall.

  19. <a href="">9:57</a> Dishonorable Stevens

  20. thanks prezoh

  21. This game should be in VR

  22. Dat bitrate do

  23. <a href="">8:32</a> Cute.

  24. Wish this game could come to console

  25. F O R S E N B A J S

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