As a follow-up to my Classic Fishing Guides for the Horde and Alliance I wanted to share with everyone my own personal way of making gold. Now this isn’t for everyone, but I absolutely love fishing way more than killing endless mobs. You’ll notice that I don’t go in to gold per/hour earned, because in all honesty I don’t think we will really know what that is until Classic is actually released. The only thing I think that will be largely unchanged is the average worth of the items, but the actual amount of fishing pools and drop rates are largely unknown at this time. Most of what people are going off of is from private servers, and those often prove unreliable to how it really might have been.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed making it. Please follow me on Twitter at, Icosiol Classic WoW to stay up to date on new content I release and all things Classic.

Video Time Stamps:
Introduction – 0:37
Alchemy Fish, Pt. 1 – 1:36
Alchemy Fish, Pt. 2 – 2:43
Fish & Cooked Fish, Pt. 1 – 4:41
Fish & Cooked Fish, Pt. 2 – 5:21
Pools of Wreckage – 8:07
Raising Your Skill – 8:48
Closing Remarks – 10:47



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  • UPDATE: The prices I am showing here are from a mature economy, and while I believe we will see these prices eventually I am now under the impression we won't see them until Phase 2 or even Phase 3. There are a few things that are killing the market for these fish and recipes, and that is:

    1. Economy is still knew, and a majority of players don't have buying power yet.
    2. Layering abuse could saturate the market.
    3. I could have simply overestimated what we'll see in Classic vs what we saw in Private Servers. (I am human after all.)

    There has been positive results reported to me though as more than couple players have shared with me that they are still making enough gold with this guide to pay for their Level 40 mount. Just don't expect the prices I am showing here for a little while. I'm going to continue to evaluate the market on my server and others, and if we don't see a positive change towards what I show here I will update this video with more accurate prices. I apologize for the inconvenience, and happy fishing!

  • Ha back in the day I made my gold with Bronze bars, copper ore and tin ore.
    Had a pretty nice gig going.
    Farmed our both continents of their tin and copper from 9am-10pm.
    I made it impossible for anyone to get a good supply of copper, tin and thus bronze.
    I was hated.
    But hey, I jacked up the price to 20g/stack of bronze bars and a bit less for a stack of ore.
    Yes ridiculous for vanilla WoW.
    Made a small fortune. And felt like an evil genius.
    People had to buy their ores and bars from me under consequence of never getting progress done for their mining/bllacksmithing professions.

  • What sucks is to know thousands of people have won the Stranglethorn Vale fishing quest on sundays and I am not one of them… I mean Lordy how hard do I have to try?
    I'm sure I've tried a dozen times in that many years … ugh..maybe I need to try harder?

  • Question about the Stonescale eels at Tanaris. I got level 225 right now and I tried fishing there 20 times, but almost every catch was successful but with no loot at all. Is it only possible to receive fish at night time?

  • So on my server I've only done fishing to generate gold, but the prices are indeed shit. Pricing on my realm is as follows for stack of: Oily = 18-30s, Firefin = 12-20s, Deviate = 30-60s. Stonescale = 30-60s. Prices and people flooding the market has basically killed all the prices. I doubt we'll see it improve until at least 3 months, and that's a conservative estimate.

  • Economy is all fucked up on my server. Stacks of firefin going to a silver, A SILVER. I do remember getting 2g a pop for firefin. Those days are over.
    Either it's the low population or people have turned into dirty commies.

  • I’ve been buying Oily Blackmouth stacks from the AH. Every Oily I can get my hands on for less than 1s per fish I buy it.

    I have over 1000 Oily Blackmouths in my bank.
    Alchemist getting ready for Free Action Pots for phase 2 and 3

    Fished Stonescales and Nightfin in Feralas at lvl 39 for my mount.
    I’m now lvl 40 with a mount and 35g left over

  • I don't know where you have Nightfin soup restoring 162 mana every 5 seconds for 10 minutes. It has to be a private server as on official classic servers it is 8 mana every 5 seconds

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