This video covers basic combat strategies for situations where you are outnumbered in Mordhau. Throughout the video, we go through various clips illustrating different tactics until the very last clip, which combines everything. The timestamps are below! (expand description)

Clip 1 – Repostes and Dragging (opponent awareness and vision): 02:14
Clip 2 – Facing Opponents Side-by-Side and Basic Footwork 03:51
Clip 3: Facing Opponents Side-by-Side 05:02
Clip 4: Target Switching and Footwork 05:18
Clip 5: Target Switching and Combo Attacks 06:25
Clip 6: Footwork, Positioning, and Combo Attacks with Target Switching 07:05
Clip 7: Footwork and Positioning 08:40
Clip 8: Evading Attacks 9:02
Clip 9: Pretty Much Everything 9:45



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