Becoming a SPY in Mordhau

Becoming a SPY in Mordhau

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Thanks to Beta_Angel for the idea!

Joyous Fridays 2 – Per-Anders Nilsson
Spy Grooves 4 – Rannar Sillard
kevin MacLeod – Investigations

“What does it mean that you are sponsored by Gaijin?”
– This means that Gaijin likes the content I make on Crossout and helps me out with an affiliate link and monetary support. This does not mean a change in content or that they have any control over my content.

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Fun fact: Beta_Angel came up with this idea, and together we improved it to become the ultimate spy class

Special thanks to my 3$+ Patreon donaters: Adamwid14 and Ethyriel



  1. Thanks to Beta_Angel for coming up with the idea of this build! <a href=""></a><br /><br />Go to my Discord and join also: <a href=""></a>

  2. And this is why I press H every game.


  4. It has been patched I think

  5. Don't forget to get the video passed 10 minutes

  6. He could be any one of us, he could be you, he could be me he could even be <b>gets impaled with a spear</b>

  7. This people is team fortress 3

  8. Tf2 spy in Mordhau.

  9. <a href="">4:57</a> that was like a movie. The guy seesyour red team mate and looks at you getting suspicious and figuring out whats going on. Then he started getting stabbed ?

  10. You have bestoed a curse opon this land and will go to hell for it. I hate this bullshit, but like to kill teamates who are bertaing there colore <br />My opinon is treat em like they whant it. its 2019 be transcolore

  11. How did you make your embelem so big?

  12. How to make an emblem bigger?

  13. Real gamers play with team colours off

  14. Er du dansk

  15. Isn't shortsword strictly better than dagger?

  16. For the love of God please press H

  17. How do you make the emblem so big?

  18. how do you make the emblem big? for me its in the bottom right corner and its small

  19. Press H and it highlights teammates...

  20. Dam new team fortress game coming out. Graphics look good so far

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