48 hours with Classic, here are my thoughts on the Beta throughout that time and my thoughts about just how I feel about Classic Vanilla World of Warcraft making a return.
I was a naysayer… Until now.
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  • Its funny cause, a lot of the things you've mentioned are things people have been harping on for as long as I can remember. The lack of difficulty while leveing, all these other seemingly tedious things. And every time the community reaction is pushback because they don't want the game to get any more difficult. Blizzard has definitely been responding to the community demand for easier content. This is completely separate of vanilla as well, just in general.

    Just one of those things where people don't really know what they want. (they think they don't, but they do).

  • No, you are not crazy. 😉
    It was amazing. I was playing on a PvE EU server, Horde side. We had like 200 people in the guild. We were helping each other all the time, exploring the world and many times just logging in to talk to each other.
    I had such fun memories. Allow me to share one with you.
    Raiding night, Majordomo is down and after so many months, the Eye finally drops and it's my turn to have it. The raid is over and it's time for me to go to Plaguelands to do the quest for the Benediction Staff. Half the guild is now offering to come with me to Plaguelands.
    For those not familiar with this quest – friends cannot help, a priest have to do this alone or the quest will fail. Your friends can buff you or give you potions and elixirs before you start.
    So many people coming there for you, cheering for you, "You can do it", "We are with you". They all came just to support their friend. The feeling was…..
    It's a shame that something like that cannot happen in today's WoW
    I miss the community.

  • Can't wait to get back to all that essence farming in arathi highlands. Or shimmering scales in thousand needles. HHHHUUUUBOY! Or whoring my way to an epic mount. W-Pvp in stranglethorne. Grinding my way from level 55-58 on the gorilla/panther island near STVs coast. Or my personal favorite, welp farming and basilisk epic trinket farming.

    Just remember, if this is your first time. Don't forget your carrot. 4 strength 4 stam leather belt has nothing on that 2% mount speed.

  • Will Method comes back to Classic?? Wounder who will take Molten Core first when vanilla release 27 Augusti ? =)… I think will take 1 month before 40 level 60 takes down Ragnors =)

  • i remember meeting with someone random at level 6-7 and levelling up to 50's together time to time. But today i dont have time to invest in wow. Quit wow 7-8 years ago 🙁

  • BFA is dead. At this point they should make vanila and vanila>tbc servers. And they could even start over…start from vanila and follow expansions as they come BUT keep vanila/tbc core alive, dont remove atunements, dont make catch up gear, no dungeon finder, no cross realm etc

  • This is what we've been saying for years, only to be shut down by forum moderators and retail mongols.
    Now I can't wait for Classic to wipe the floor with BFA.

  • Fuckkk and I love what you said about the making friends and vs how it is now where you don’t even care who you’re with or whatever or even say bye etc. Ughhhh I’m sooo pummpppedddd for classiiccccc baby

  • I like how you mention the talking. I play with friends, and most of my friends arent very social. They wont invite people unless they are asked, but me, I know how annoying it is to lose tags and to feel like you are soloing next to other soloers.

    So I invite anyone I see and start talking. Make the quest go by faster, see if I can play off this new guy to go even faster. Maybe he'll heal me when i aoe, maybe he will gather me mobs, maybe ill freak him out by going ham, who knows. Within moments were all asking each other how many more kills we each need, does anyone need this peice of mail that dropped, what quest are you on next, do you wanna all do that together too? it ends up flowing so naturally. Even if we split up we end up seeing that guy 5 levels later and kill choksul together or do Tharilzun. Its amazing.
    20 levels later this guy thinks of me when he loots a piece of mage gear. We start asking each other if we've found a good guild. Suddenly you are farming bis with the guy that you killed hogger with. You remember him cuz he knew how to kite when you threw frostbolts. Not everyone is so smart. Now you learn to pull brd together and powerlevel alts with each other. None of this matters in retail. Gold is too easy to care about farming buddies. Levels are too easy to care about a guy that's willing to take the day to ding you. Quests are too easy to even care whether someone is done it or not.

  • Also, remember that when WoW came along back in 2004-2005 (depending on where in the world) it was considered a casual MMORPG. Combat was easy and fast, downtime was very trimmed down. Meditating for more mana in EQ looking at that damn spellbook for 10 minutes just to be able to nuke 3 more mobs, that was nothing short of awful…
    Yeah, Vanilla WoW was a the perfect balance and that was lost over a decade ago. I just wish they'd allow new player models in classic. They don't change the game, just makes it a bit better looking. No, I'm not a purist.

  • Something fun for me in classic if you are a PvP'er and play on the pvp realm is the small world also makes shenanigans more prevalent. For example anyone who plays alliance in Redridge will more than likely see horde running by ganking. This becomes a game of defense if you are high level alliance killing gankers or stirring up trouble if you are one of those 😉 STV a serious warzone with more fights than most battlegrounds. oh and also randoms that kite powerful bosses and dragons into the city, or even enemy raids that randomly hit the city while you are there.

  • Classic WoW along side fucking Diablo Immortal got me to uninstall the Blizzard launcher. WoW classic is bad. It just fucking is. I have memories of being addicted to a game that was a poor substitute for real Dungeons and Dragons. The grind was horrible, finding a dungeon group was horrible, the world was horrible, raid elitism was horrible.

    Fuck this game.

  • I think you should rewatch this video that you made all pointers that you are making are ridiculous and i was laughing so hard its like 5 year old trying to make point i dont have anything against you i know you had to do this for views and all but cmon this video is ridiculous….

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