The Tsar fish indicates that something else besides the war is at play in the area. Technically, this thing shouldnt even exist. So why does it? well in this episode I attempt to find out just that! So lets get to it!

Thank you for watching Roanoke Gaming and I Hope you enjoy The Tsar Fish Origins in Metro Exodus | Morphology, Lore, Room, Key, Origins and Biology Explained


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  • Thanks for watching guys! Let me know what you think this thing is if you believe me to be incorrect and why, because Id love to know the reasoning! Hope yall have a good weekend! Also doing a charity/birthday live stream tomorrow in Dead Space 3 for probably about 4 hours ( Saturday 5/18/1992) for my friend who had surgery! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to him, I will drop my paypal as well as his gofundme page links in the description tomorrow of the live stream! hope to see yall there!

  • in a low oxygen environment sturgeon will come to the surface to breath just like every other fish in the world, also the sturgeon has the extra large muscular front fins just like on the tsar fish also a orca has a blow hole, I think you are trying way to hard here. but great video please make more

  • mabey the orca in the river have eaten many beluga fish, what can explain why their mutated version have his appereance – the DNA of the diaested fish merge with the DNA of the orca, altering his apperenace.
    or the sientists add the DNA themeselfs, but probably not the case.

  • I have reason to believe that you are on the right track but wrong one, it shows more natural sighs of a snake head fish and some a catfish somehow mated with it in the rad infested world, we seen the rules of survivel of species seen in your journey in metro exdous, there is no telling how much genetic mixing was pre war, or came with the long time after the war, this is the Russian's were talking about to, genetic testing was a thing like with the bio weapons that Anna got hit with in the bunker. I won't be surprised if even some of the bio weapons had some kind of slow run to the ponds and followed the water to the ocean, what died, dieds, what turns into something from the new forced evierment can probably cross genetics too or even steal them in time, depends on a lot of dinamics.

  • I'm gonna say probably not an Orca. A few reasons.

    Firstly your claim that things can't gain features from the mutagen doesn't seem to hold up. The "Demons" are six-limbed vertebrates and if they're indeed cats, then they must have gained those wings somewhere. Also the Tsar fish appears to have gills but no blowhole. It's more likely that a fish simply gained vocal cords than a whale gained vocal cords AND gills, while losing its blowhole.

    Also the general shape and appearance. It's almost identical to a sturgeon and from what we've seen in the other monsters, evolution takes the path of least resistance. The scales and scutes seem far more likely to be those of a sturgeon than a malformed whale.

    Final point…. if this takes place in the Volga river, then it's physically impossible for an Orca to get there. The Baltic and Black Seas are known for lacking any Orca populations and the Caspian is landlocked, without any large mammals, short of a native seal species. Unless an Orca got EXTREMELY lost, it would be virtually impossible for one to find its way into the river. Meanwhile the Caspian Sea, which the river flows into, is stuffed with sturgeon.

  • An important factor you didn't bring up is how it swims. Fish and whales have to different methods of swimming. Where as fish have a side to side motion in the tail, as is in what appears to be in this creature. Whales have an up and down motion. The reason behind this is based on the the whales ancestors being 4 legged mammals. Vocal cords are a good point. So I propose. Maybe an amphibian?
    EDIT. Added my claim

  • I think one thing to think about is the existence of a tongue. When the Tsar Fish beaches itself, it swipes a large meaty tongue at you. From what I understand, fish don't have tongues. That said, there is an interesting clip you can find on YouTube of a large black fish swinging about what looks to be a tongue very similar to the Tsar Fish(found by searching "catfish tongue"). The fish shown actually seems to share a fair bit of characteristics with the Tsar Fish, such as similar coloring and a jaw. I'm not sure that I can see teeth, although those could be a new growth based on mutation.

  • I’d think it’s a Wells Catfish, they’re native to the Volga River and are found throughout Easter Europe. They’re naturally a behemoth fish, and have a similar head and mouth shape to the Tzar fish. As well as body profile.

  • I have caught thousands of sturgeon living on the coast and it’s a sturgeon mixed with something or just that mutated however they are reaching a long way they don’t have teeth but the tsar fish doesn’t have a dorsal fin either that’s one of the problems I have with your theory but I’m not going to be rude lol the spots are scoots that all sturgeon have also it has the facial features and plate like parts that make it look reptilian but sturgeon have them also they have plated heads and very bone and hard outside layer that protects them so I see how you got to orca but it’s a sturgeon that either was spliced with other dna with that weird tail it has or it’s just HEAVILY mutated more than anything else has. But that’s my 2 cents just knowing sturgeon very well and having observed them they also will breach and a sturgeon that is old too die they purposely beach themselves.

  • You also seem to forget aquatic mammals have horizontal caudal fin and swim moving their tail vertically while fishes (and any non-mammal vertebrate I can think of) have a vertical caudal fin and swim by moving their tail horizontally, so the tsar fish can be pretty much any vertebrate but a mammal or a bird

  • So I saw a animal documentary that showed catfish in France around Paris I believe, hunting pigeons on the water's edge not saying that the tsar fish is definitely a catfish but I'm saying that some fish can stray from their natural instinct to hunt easier prey? So the native fish could change behaviour. Super cool video. Keep it going man

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