Epic Games Disaster – Borderlands 3, Multiple Games DITCH Epic Games Store During "MEGA Sale"

★ Multiple games including Borderlands 3 have been pulled by their publishers from the Epic Games Store during a massive sale…! ★
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  1. <b>If disasters and controversy like this keeps happening with Epic, Valve really won't have to do anything...</b><br /><br />If you haven't already join the discussion on Discord: <a href="https://discord.gg/mXa5rRv">https://discord.gg/mXa5rRv</a><br />Aswell as stay up to date with all gaming news and upcoming videos on Twitter: <a href="https://twitter.com/LegacyKillaHD">https://twitter.com/LegacyKillaHD</a>

  2. "epic used SelfDestruct"

  3. War! Na its a slaughter Steam has “Epic” beat by miles. And steam is just looking at them kill themselves.

  4. Epic is a failure they sold gears of war an original be a copy paste machine, copied battle royal games and is now starting to fail, copied steam and just died and is being dragged through the mud.

  5. <b>Epic shoots itself in the foot for like the 300th time</b><br />2k: M-mister steam? We want to come back...we’re sorry<br />Steam: you cannot live with your own failure, and where did it bring you? BACK TO ME!

  6. Civil War is upon us while the heathens unite

  7. You’ve encountered a wild epic games<br />Steam I choose you!<br /><br />Steam uses: <b>nothing</b><br /><br />Epic games uses: <b>self destruct</b>

  8. Can epicgames just stop and just focuse on their own games like fortnite!? And there others ?

  9. The UK is still member of the EU..

  10. Guess ill have to torrent it then, shame was planning on buying the full game

  11. Steam is more country friendly <br /><br />While epic games you need to pay with usd compared to steam which you can use any currency to pay and checkout

  12. No HL3, NO UT4.. yawn.. so basicly no REAL games.

  13. I hate it. That BL3 Was in the place behind fortnite. Its the egs.

  14. <b>epic gays store is bad</b>

  15. Steam:<br /><br /><br /><br />Epic: <b>T-This is W-War!</b>

  16. They play you

  17. The number 3<br /><br />Valve: AGHHH GET IT AWAY. NEVER!!!!!

  18. Lucky me I have a ps4

  19. borderlands 3 should just take their game off the epic games store completely. am i right?

  20. I guess Gabe was right. The internet truly never forgets.

  21. Bahahaha... EPIC is Sheep in Wolf Clothing.... ?

  22. I hope gearbox pulls out of that deal. It's not gonna work out for the borderlands series as a whole.

  23. Hail Steam!

  24. That thumbnail tho<br />"GAMERS ARE AMGEREY"<br /><br />What's new? Aren't they mad about literally everything ?<br />Why does ALL gaming news involve screaming rage babies?<br /><br />Like who gives a fuck<br />They're always mad<br />Grow up

  25. Cala Acomb will never be talking to Anyone who are affiliated with Steam, He/She is thy curse to be a Epic Game Store Fanboy/Fangirl, He/She will never play any games on steam for he/she had broken thy rule. It will last for at least 20 months without it. Goodbye Cala Acomb, for you, yourself had broken the rule.<br />Edit: Well Don't hate me about it, Steam and Valve always wins by doing nothing, Thanks to Gabe Newell watching Mario Party of Luigi wins by absolutely doing nothing.

  26. Okay, Good news for those who had comment or speak to Cala Acomb, I manage to Report the user for Harassment/Bully. Luckily, It's a good idea to shut the Epic Game Store Fanboy/Girl fuck up.

  27. se you in april 2020 Borderlands....


  29. I've been boycotting epic for years, looks like it will continue for the next 10 years....Steam all the way.

  30. I jus wanna know if the epic store is safe enough to buy bl3 on

  31. I pray borderlands 3 ditches epic games for steam I pray daily

  32. See you losers in April, while you guys sit there waiting for the game to drop on Steam, I will have a massive headstart. I don't know why you guys are so mad at epic, I spent a couple hundred dollars on Fortnite, nothing went wrong. My dad's credit card is connected to Epic, nothing went wrong

  33. People really are tribal. Epic is trying to lure people over to the platform with discounts, so the buyer wins, the publishers gets compensated for the sale and also will likely get more sales since the discount will get more buyers to pull the trigger and buy at the lowered price, so the publishers win, epic gets people on its platform, so epic wins. But OPTICS seem to a big deal, and not getting a good deal on a new game. Epic is not allowed to win because people have a illogical dislike for epic.

  34. epic games store is a shit show

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