Could we see a new teaser for DOOM to get us in the mood for E3 now Rage 2 is here?

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  • I'm expecting more campaign footage, perhaps a multiplayer trailer, and maybe a trailer for the third game mode (survival or something). At Quakecon, I think there will be a heavier focus on multiplayer and the third mode.

  • You've made really good points of what's going on with DOOM Eternal, but we still have to wait till E3 2019 and Quakecon 2019 (if Bethesda decides to let all of us watch Quakecon 2019 livestream on YouTube). But, I really don't think we'll get a final release date for DOOM Eternal at E3 2019, just because id Software will give us an in-depth look of the game and they'll save the release date announcement till Quakecon 2019, since DOOM Eternal will be another major spotlight at Quakecon 2019. Most likely, they are just going to talk about the Multiplayer and its new mechanics at E3. MAYBE, we'll see a couple more new single player gameplay demos, but we don't know because they showed a lot of single player gameplay at last year's Quakecon. I could be wrong though, but still. It's at 50/50 chance we'll get a release date at E3. If not, then 100% guarantee we'll definitely get a release date at Quakecon 2019. I tweeted a couple of employees that's currently working on the game the other day about what's going on and if they will give us a release date at E3 or Quakecon 2019, they responded to me, but all they said, is they won't tell me and stay tuned at E3 and Quakecon (as usual). I know it is releasing this year and my money is still in between August to November, somewhere between those 4 months

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