This is how Mordhau should be played.

This is how Mordhau should be played.

A game where you can use a lute as a weapon. Perfect.

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  1. May minecraftia rule forever, Cut one head off two more grow back

  2. 10/10

  3. best channel

  4. <a href="">0:49</a> gamers communicating in 2019.

  5. Minecraftia. (Enardo discord reference)

  6. congratulations on making the most boring mordhau video i’ve seen yet

  7. OMG!! ?????

  8. Play rust and just be hella toxic talk hella shit and threaten to raid people and shit it might make for a funny video idea. No balls no balls you won't you won't

  9. Lmfao, i love it! <3

  10. Make more video on this keep it up

  11. Thank you 'me lord

  12. You and Sam should make more content together A+

  13. What's game

  14. U need to collapse with willsonator

  15. They should make a religion out of this.

  16. Spot on. You just missed the lethal toxicity levels in chat.

  17. Who’s mom is gay?<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />You thought I was gonna say your mom<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />No it’s uggsons mom

  18. Man these videos make my day

  19. This video is cash lol r u going to be making more?

  20. I thought the players were ai for a minute, they act so stupid!

  21. More General Sam!!!!!!!!!

  22. Good video, this is. Hmmm.

  23. my name is entitled nanny and i am here to appreciate you for unbanning me

  24. hi nice to meet you on rust bro<br />I was jrod

  25. what kind of rust is this?

  26. <a href="">10:34</a> that's how mafia work<br /><a href="">10:34</a> that hoe mafia fork

  27. When Enardo accidentally hits teammate, they don't attack him back.<br />When teammate accidentally attack Enardo: kills them and says "Think about that again you little bitch".

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