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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has been out for two months, so after many of you had time to get your playthroughs in on From Software’s latest title, it’s time for a community Sekiro boss ranking. It’s been 3 years since we started our very first rankings with the Souls series, so it’s great to be doing rankings for Sekiro with you all!

Today we’ll be showcasing your ranking the Sekiro bosses from worst to best, including Lady Butterfly, Genichiro Ashina, Gyoubu Oniwa, Divine Dragon, Guardian Ape, and more. I hope you enjoy, and be sure to subscribe for for more rankings, top 10’s and gaming content.

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  • Thanks to those who participated in this ranking! I'll be rounding back to the DMC5 community ranking soon, so drop some votes there on the community tab if you haven't already. And be sure to check out and Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with?50K silver and join the Special Launch Tournament for a chance to win prizes.

  • On the note of fighting legends in their prime, other than Isshin, Artorias is without a doubt my favorite From boss, but I’m still disappointed we were never able to face off against him when he was in better shape. He’d still have his shields, so the fight would likely be the current Artorias fight with the Dragonslayer Armor mixed in, with him occasionally 2 handing his sword, giving him access to a quicker, deadlier moveset, but also making it easier to get hits in. At the same time though, he’s already ridiculously hard as he is, so I should be careful what I wish for

  • That fake bong rip tho XD

    Also I fealt that when u messed up the makiri counter with Tomoe Genichiro. Dude’s basically dead, but ya mess up. Hated when that happened to me

  • Sword saint isshin is def the best boss ever created by software. He tests you on everything. It’s really up to you the player if you’re up to the challenge of defeating him or not.

  • I’ve never played this game, but it feels like it’s a game that heavily focuses on skill alone.

    Someone tell me if I’m wrong as I’ve again, never played this game before

  • Man I can't watch lists like this, I get so testy listening to everyone else's opinions because I want to go "You're wrong, stupid!" But that's not fair. Everyone likes their own things for their own reasons. Personally, cheese has 0 weight with me, because I never figure that stuff out, and never use items…I use items, I run out, I'm back where I started, so I always just try to do it au natural. For something like Butterfly, that fight was hard as hell and took me days, and I got so angry the whole time. When I finally beat her, with my own cheesy spammy technique, I didn't feel like that was a letdown, I felt: HELL YEAH, GOT ER!!! It was an epic encounter that I'll remember for a while, so it was a great fight.

    But then I gave up because lol holy shit this game is way too hard for me.

    No one gained anything by reading my opinions.

  • The ape is magnificent in my opinion especially the first phase I just love it: At the start you are overwhelmed by his ferocity but once you stun him and if you continue the unrelenting pressure he starts running like a bitch and he will probably on the run till the sweet decapitation. Honestly I've never felt more powerful like an alpha primate defeating another

  • Sadly I even after how many months this game has been out have only ever faced and beaten the horse riding announcer boss and just yesterday finally realized lady butterfly has a second faze I dont think I'll get to the end any time soon

  • Lol the guardian ape isn’t thrown in twice because they were being lazy. It’s very significant to the lore and has a deeper meaning within Japanese mythology. Apes represent endurance!

  • I dont understand the people who like lady maria and genichiro BECAUSE they "teach" their moves, and hate bosses like ludwig and demon of hatred because "it doesnt match the game" like wtf, if you expect every boss to be a tutorial, please dont play soulsborne games, you must, or SHOULD be able to take on anything no matter how much you do rely on simple and teached mechanisms. Dont expect every enemy to be a training dummy expect them to be actual ENEMIES that you must defeat.

  • I'm probably hella late, but God dammit the divine dragon was one of the easIest bosses in the whole game. All you do is grapple around until you get hit with the lightning and rinse and repeat until it's over

  • Fun fact: Fire Isshin doesn't actually use fire attacks. The fire comes from you (Shura). Isshin's mastery of the sword, as you know, allow him to send rippling shockwaves through the air by swinging his blade; this will both enflame the embers around you, and send the scorching heat in your direction. In other words; Isshin is a bad-ass.

  • My fav was owl father and my click moment was that dude outside ashina castle. Almost killed genichiro first time but killed me with lightning. Got him the next time not that hard to me. That old man be for him. My favorite game they've made can't wait for enden ring.

  • #17 – Folding Screen Monkeys
    • 3.48/10, 15th for best boss, 2nd for worst boss
    #16 – Headless Ape Duo
    • 3.69/10, 16th for best boss, 1st for worst boss
    #15 – The Great Serpent
    • 3.89/10, 14th for best boss, 3rd for worst boss
    #14 – False Corrupted Monk
    • 4.78/10, 17th (apparently literally zero votes) for best boss, 5th for worst boss
    #13 – Genichiro, Way of Tomoe
    • 5.95/10, 13th for best boss, 7th for worst boss
    #12 – Lady Butterfly
    • 7.29/10, 10th for best boss, 9th for worst boss
    #11 – Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa
    • 7.32/10, 11th for best boss, 14th for worst boss
    #10 – True Corrupted Monk
    • 7.72/10, 8th for best boss, 8th for worst boss
    #9 – Emma, the Gentle Blade
    • 7.89/10, 12th for best boss, 16th for worst boss
    #8 – Demon of Hatred
    • 8.08/10, 4th for best boss, 4th for worst boss
    #7 – Guardian Ape
    • 8.12/10, 5th for best boss, 6th for worst boss
    #6 – Divine Dragon
    • 8.25/10, 7th for best boss, 12th for worst boss
    #5 – Great Shinobi Owl
    • 9.04/10, 6th for best boss, 11th for worst boss
    #4 – Isshin Ashina
    • 9.16/10, 9th for best boss, 17th for worst boss
    #3 – Genichiro Ashina
    • 9.87/10, 3rd for best boss, 15th for worst boss
    #2 – Owl (Father)
    • 10.52/10 (what), 2nd for best boss, 13th for worst boss
    #1 – Isshin, the Sword Saint
    • 11/10 (oh, okay), 1st for best boss, 10th for worst boss

  • People complaining they were able to use firecrackers to cheese a boss is a bit silly IMO. I think I only used firecrackers 5-10 times the entire playthrough, and if you think these firecrackers are "bad" or "cheap," then do as I did and rely on the fighting and stealth, and just don't use the prosthetics. I've had 999 +19 Soul Emblems for half the game and bought none. I found them to be more trouble than they're worth, and only used the ninja stars (kunai?) on dogs, and that blue umbrella for terror. I think I used less than 100 emblems in this playthrough.. and I'm about to take down the dragon.

  • Wow, the stuff about the 3 encounters with Genichiro.. I never noticed these tiny details. (the first encounter he's rusty and feels around for his sword.. etc.) I would have never noticed these details.

  • Demon of Hatred isn’t a bad boss, but it’s not a Sekiro boss and that’s what plummets it. Put it in Bloodborne and I’m pretty sure most would agree it’s a fun bout.

  • Great shinobi owl is one of my favs. No perilous attacks! Everything can be deflected or dodged away from. You can always get a full charge thrust after his big frontflip strike If You deflect it. The smoke bombs ruined it at first until I learned to hold ground.

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