Asmongold watches and reacts to Madseasons “Top 10 Differences Between WoW Classic & The Original Release”

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  • Ehhhh, I dunno. T3 was pretty good still in T4 raids. Depends how slowly you got to 70 and how long you spent getting attuned. Specially Naxx trinkets. They weren't replaced fast at all.

  • Why is the video he watching, the guy when he completes a thought/sentence he emphasizes the last letter of the word almost like he is orgasming lol

  • Back in the day here in Germany we had Giga WoW a tv show all about warcraft, that's where most of us probably got their guides, they used to air stuff like top guild raids, the top guilds explaining everything and a bunch more.

  • 11:40 Sure thats a young asmondgold 😛
    18:20 We was still fighting over that 1 boar even with sharding
    I remember thinkin addons were like cheats and possibly get you banned lol like 15 years ago im not sure when i started using them im pretty sure my first char didnt have them. First addon i remember using was fubar.

  • So your guild didn't have DBM as a raiding requirement?
    (Honestly all it did was show hey a boss ability to watch out for is incoming in 5 seocnds)

  • there is a way that they can continue adding content and lvl caps without making people feel like clearing naxx was pointless. All they have to do is make it so in order to progress to a higher lvl cap they MUST clear naxx in order to continue lvling or else they remain 60

  • I hope they add Karazhan TOP PART. (If you remember in Vanilla and TBC there was a flight path master on the Karazhan tower.
    Many speculated how to get to him..
    Well in Naxx you can get the staff that teleports the raid group to Karazhan, which would be makeing a portal for raid members with same guild tag to enter (yes no buy in from other guilds and Warlock summoning is prohibited), So when get up to the tower, all have to take the flight path and go inside the dungeon.
    If they die ressurect outside they have to pay a hefty price from Medivh's personal Flight master just to fly around the tower and get inside.

    Once at the end of the tower you find a note that tells "Oh btw I went down to the krypts.. Here is the spare key if you are looking for me"
    Aaand the raid content continues with previously existing and never released content =)

    Imagine them makeing Hyjal in to a super end game zone with high lvl elites as regular mobbs a Raid under the hyjal tree (Where Dark trolls were lurking according to the lore) You can get in there and save them from some greedy mindcontroll of the well that they self created (Nelfs/Dark trolls)

    And there are zones on the map you cannot click on but are drawn that were introcuded in Cata.. Which could be introduced and show how it was BEFORE cataclysm =)

    Heck who knows even Emerald dream and wake up the druids!! (Who will tell you that your battle continues in the outlands, Thus making some want to play thgouht TBC again for the story.)

  • I sooo much believe he could go "all night long"… He probably spent about 7 hours 58 minutes just finding the sweetspot before he entered and was done in 10 seconds 😛

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