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Video Script:

  1. Being too passive, or gambling
  2. Parrying and chambering too early
  3. Using shield and thus not learning about the game
  4. Trying to parry stabs instead of chambering them + ftp against morph + chamber morph accel beats spammers
  5. Not paying attention to the opponent’s weapon
  6. Swinging out of range, shooting/throwing too close
  7. No combo, no ftp and combo ftp
  8. Equipping crappy armor and spending gold on cosmetics
  9. Positioning – teamfights, feints, chase mechanic
  10. Not setting up the game properly – FPS, Hz, binds

Number 10 – Being too passive, or gambling.
These are the two extreme ends of the spectrum, and all players should stay in the middle. Let me briefly explain the mechanics. The reason this game’s base works is because after attacking into a block, you get locked out so the enemy is guaranteed to retaliate. This may sound bad because it removes control from you, but in reality you can still move and block, just not attack – this simply rewards the player who blocked. However, there is only a set window before you can guarantee an answer. Doing it too late is being too passive. Gambling, on the other hand, is completely ignoring the ENEMY’s window. It is relying on them to delay their attack to connect your own first. Obviously, this completely counters passive play, and it’s the prime reason people complain about spammers – they simply don’t use their turn. Learn to follow up your block with your own blow, and you will not have these issues.

Number 9 – Parrying and chambering too early.
This concept is straightforward, but requires some basic knowledge. A swing is separated into windup, early release and release, which you can see in the advanced settings. Windup is raising the weapon, and release sends damaging particles everywhere. Early release is a time between the two, which serves as an additional delay before doing damage. You can see when release activates and its effect by enabling tracers in game settings. You may also input slomo in console for this. As you may have guessed, there is 0 reason to parry before release tracers activate or are about to hit you. Learning the animation of a windup ending is paramount. I’ll possibly make a separate video about this. About chambers, they have the exact same startup timing as a parry – the difference lies in the duration. Outlasting a chamber with a drag is very easy.

Number 8 – Using shield, and thus not learning about the game.
Some shield players do not have a clue about base game mechanics and are stuck with a crutch for an eternity. The shield promotes bad habits, you can see this immediately when you stop using the shield – you start playing worse. I’m not saying you can’t be a shield user competitively or anything, but if you’d like to learn the mechanics of the game and become a better player, get rid of it.

Number 7 – Not chambering stabs, not blocking morphs, and not being able to answer stab spammers.
Unfortunately, at the current time of recording for this video, stabs have barely readable animations. This means that the difference between a stab and a stab feint is hard to see, if not impossible sometimes. To protect yourself against stabs, I very heavily advise any new player to chamber stabs almost every single time. The latest possible morph is earlier than a feint, so a stab morph is easier to see than a stab feint. This does not mean that you should immediately start trying to react to morphs, there is a safe workaround. Here’s how you deal with a stab and stab morph mixup: when they start their stab, try to chamber it, and if they morph it, then block. Make sure not to block too early, the morph takes time to wind up just as any attack. All right, so what if the enemy spams stabs, should you just exchange chambers for an eternity? No, what you could try is turning a chamber into a morph. Morphs preserve your turn of attack – this is why you needed to block after a morph chamber attempt, because their morph is quicker. Now, let’s turn that around. If they stab and continue stabbing, chamber their stab then immediately go into a morph and try to land the swing close to the enemy so they can’t be quicker than you. If they spam while using a shield, refer to my previous video.

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Music is from Stronghold and Heroes of Might and Magic.



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