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Downward Thrust

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  • Do you guys think it's important for gaming to remember why older video games were so cherished… only to have seen so much of why they were great wiped away through the last 15 years (the modern gaming machine has deemed much of it "undesirable" by today's changing audiences)? If so, which part is the most important to you?

  • Back in the day when blizzard was one of the best gaming devs out there when they spent allot of money on more content for us but now activision has poisoned them with greed and that is gonna be their downfall afterall dont you have a phone? xD

  • It’s funny how vanilla WoW is now viewed as some hardcore non hand holding game now when at the time it was the most casual hand holding MMO ever.

  • The MMORPG offered several ways to play. The mindless grind to burn off stress with sheer murder. The Quest which helps satisfy the "Mystery Hobby" gene. Then there is the crafting game too which can either satisfy the Mercantile or Single Player out there. The modern game is a lot of channel clicker clicking, your can do that to the TV and that is not the MMO crowd.

  • You want HARDCORE? Bring back wizardry online! lvling took forever, mobs were challenging af and most content couldn't be solo'd. Want to know more about the revival of wizardry online because they are reviving it! Then check out this link

    Help bring back hardcore games like classic wow and wizardry online for all of us hardcore fans! City of heroes did it. Classic wow just did it as well. Wizardry online will be next.

  • When I was teenage boy I was into everquest.. and I was enthralled with one day becoming one of the badasses at the commons tunnel with their epic weapons.. I loved that it wasnt easily accessible. So maybe it's not the desires of the youth but rather what's being force-fed to them.

  • Lol classic wow is not important for this age, face it you’re all old geezers now, the new generation is used to the new games and it will always be the new generation that drives the development of games.

  • Cue in another drooling retard doing something incredibly stupid ingame, locking his progress and screeching OMG GAME DESIGN LOL. Unfortunately the market is full of them and that's what everyone tries to cater to. Games try to be child daycare instead of compelling experiences.

  • Taking WoW classic as an example of "difficult or demanding" MMO is forgetting that WOW was succesful ONLY because it casualized MMORPG.

    It's WOW classic that introduced the CASUAL MMORPG to the world…Ask people who were playing Everquest, Asheron Call, Shadowbane, Dark age of Camelot they'll laugh theyr ass off to how WoW was "hypercasualyzed" already.

    Taking WoW Classic as example is forgetting that the essence of WOW succes is because IT WAS THE FIRST CASUAL MMORPG !

  • I am planning to come back (when i will have time for it (December earliest)), I used to play in vanilla, a quick question. Will the server have the same name? Because it would be so cool coming back to the same old server name, who knows..might even find old friends from my childhood.

  • We all call classic a masterpiece, yet we want every game to be a masterpiece. I do not think it is possible. Masterpieces come once in like 5 years. We had watcher 3, Skyrim, Wow and few others.

  • Bloodborne is a game that throws you into a world and doesn't hold your hand at all. That's why I love it so. Very few games that dont treat you like an idiot.

  • I foresee this as being a lesson on life for people with rose colored glasses. Trying to relive the past will never be the same, just like getting back together with an ex. The past belongs in the past, don't try and relive it but rather cherish it for the special time it was.

  • So sick of people sticking up for the OG of greedy devs. How can you talk about value and ignore that WoW is the most expensive virtual content ever? Subscribed to this channel this morning after creator was honest about indusrty insiders and quid pro quo unsubscribed because of IMMENSE HYPOCRISY.

  • Archage is the greatest open worl MMO ever, has everything from amazing open world to naval PvP….but it got ruined by fucking greedy faggot publisher Trion that used it as a cash cow. Its pay 2 win now 🙁

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