1. You should utilize more overheads to prevent yourself from hitting your friends, also stabs are trash with axes so use overheads for that too, unless you really have to be quicker for some reason I guess.

  2. cheers for the vids, i can feint and chamber but dragging and accelerating works so well

  3. You should upload some videos in which you play with 1h axe/sword.

  4. Greetings from Russia<br />Don’t want to meet you against me on the battleground ?


  6. At last some love for the axe!

  7. Good game. Nice to see how this game is supposed to be played....

  8. @proxolol what settings is it under and what is it called to turn off the damage markers aka the yellow numbers?

  9. great vid dude you're the best

  10. Know what they should do, right they should change the axe so its alternative mode is a shield grabber, like you hook the shield and disarm the opponent. (This isnt because I hate shields and I'm 100% bias)

  11. Red team has an advantage on every front line map except grad, if you're above average you should be playing blue to try and help even the odds

  12. About the thumbnail, vikings prefered swords over axes.

  13. Skyrim belongs to the nords!

  14. <b>feints against a shield</b>

  15. Earned my sub, been watching your guides. Need all the help I can get lol

  16. Can anyone explain how the "R" alternate grip on the Battle Axe changes things? Visually your character "chokes up" or moves his grip up higher on the Axe. I'm assuming this adjustment decreases reach but increases attack/block/parry speeds but it would be nice to know for sure.

  17. Proxo "i love playing with horseys" lol

  18. Damn, totally expected you to be above level 40, I'm 38 and I'm not very good.

  19. Red thumb for the horse.

  20. What is going on with your shadows. They look like Minecraft.


  22. what is your FOV setting? I set it to the maximum but still it seems you have more

  23. Tried out the Battle axe after watching your videos and topped the leader board for the first time in 80 hours in frontline. Not sure what about the axe clicked for me, but feints and drags seem more intuitive on it for me. Thanks for the great vids too!

  24. entertaining video<br /><br />But remember kids, riding a horse doesn't make you good

  25. ur not black

  26. Just so everyone knows if they didnt already, the persuit mechanics work the same on horseback. Put the reticle on the enemy cavalry's back, it will turn red, and you will catch up to them.

  27. is that normal grip or alt?

  28. I know you enjoy playing horse but think about how many people just die for no reason. A death from an actual fight can be accepted a lot easier than just randomly dying by a guy on a horse.

  29. Went 38/7. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />310 gold coins

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