It’s finally here. My first guide in ages. Shields are an interesting thing. Here I talk about the differences between all the shields in Mordhau.

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  • Video revisions up to Patch #11 that did not exist as of making this video:

    Patch #11:Adjusted axe head bonus stamina drain vs shields to be slightly weaker
    Held block shields global stam negation increased by 1
    Held block shields block turncap slightly less strict

    Patch #10:
    Held block shields now have 2 less stamina negation
    Held block shields now have stricter blocking turncap
    Held block shields can no longer riposte feint using the block – now
    forces a full parry window & recovery time on the block (915ms)

    Certain strikes now have bonus stamina damage against shields,
    following weapons are affected, starting with the lowest bonus stamina
    damage – 1H Axe, Poleaxe, Halberd, Heavy Handaxe, Maul, War Axe,
    Bardiche, Battle Axe
    Patch #9:
    Buckler and Targe both +1 StamDamNeg but now no longer gain stamina on disarm 🙁
    Held block shields now have a carry weight similar to bows and crossbows. Not very noticeable on 3/3/3 builds but definitely a difference with 0/0/0 or 1/1/1 loudouts.
    Kite and Heater shield now have slightly stricter blocking turncap.
    Earlier patches:
    Zweihander nerfed to 12 StamDamNeg so my comment on the Buckler being on par with it is now false.

    Here are the charts so you can see the adv info tabs here.

  • A note about shields is that they are best used in pairs with other shield users. When you're in a group you negate the only weakness the shield has and that is the kick.

    I have done skirmishes with other shield using based groups and we have realised that the only way to counter them is to get shields ourselves, after that it's all about who has better tactics and players, and if you can get them separated.
    This is a great video, most other videos just shit on shield users providing no insight from using one, although there's another fact that could have been included in which is that if you're using a shield the opponent is 30-50% more likely to spam kicks where you can just abuse this by not blocking and stabbing him back.

    I'm gonna use this video to teach new recruits about.

  • Excellent video, thanks! Question: When using a blocking shield, can you riposte after holding the shield up for a few seconds or can you only riposte after pressing block just before the attack?

  • Small correction: You say Buckler is tied for best stamina drain negation in the game, but actually the best drain negation weapons in the game are Peasant weapons, several of which have 15 negation and 2 of which have 16 (the sledgehammer and the pickaxe).

    I think you also said the (long) Spear has 11 negation, but it actually has 12.

    also i wish you'd tested shield blocking angles just in case, cuz I've seen some people speculate/assert that shields actually have a larger blocking area than weapons do, despite the Advanced tab saying the blocking angles are much smaller for shields than for weapons.

  • Fun fact: you can place infinite number of Pavise shields, just keep resupplying them. Literally make a wall of Pavise shields. Only caveat is that they all disappear when you die, so it's only good for one life. Pretty handy as a crossbowman, whenever I run to the ammo box to restock bolts, I get another Pavise shield to add to my fort.

  • Can we riposte after blocking with a shield? It could be latency but sometimes when I hit my block and the animation is in the process of coming up I can block the attack and then stab very quickly with my bastard sword. The shield absorbs their attack and my guy's arm will stick through the shield as I am releasing the attack.

  • 7:08 and FOUR it means you can negate high level play e.g. drags, accels, feints and morphs.. thats the key point right there and thats why they’re hated.

  • They need to add one more shield, Viking round shield, they have the helmet, sword(skin) and chainmail, gust need that shield, also we can make Spartas loadouts with them.

    They be wider the the kite shield (5 to 10in more to the radius) but cost the same. (no leg protection)

  • I used to hear of people stowing parrying shields, then when they are running out of stamina, equipping it so it gets disarmed rather than their weapon, then getting a stamina boost to continue the fight with their two handed primary.
    Edit: I don't ever use shields or read any update information about them so this strategy might not actually work.

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