TDTF: Mordhau Pirate Class With the Most Booty (1000 Subscriber Extravaganza)

TDTF: Mordhau Pirate Class With the Most Booty (1000 Subscriber Extravaganza)

Today I take you on an adventure into the world of pirates within the realm of Mordhau. What could be the purpose of being a pirate in a world filled with honourable Knights? Let’s just say there is no honour amoung thieves…



  1. First

  2. You're going to blow up soon<br />You're deadass hilarious as hell

  3. 10/10 pirate video, would take the calculated risk of jumping the doom gap again

  4. Yes that was fucking great.

  5. Sick content glad I subbed

  6. I would make that smoke jump 10/10 times your enemies are just bad. They just need to learn how to see through the smoke bombs.

  7. Nice video, I subbed ?

  8. ?wtf I love these vids

  9. I don't like this game because I sometimes die and that is no good

  10. so proud my comment was featured truly my life's crowning achievment

  11. Mercilessly killing lute guy. You are truly filthy scumbag pirate. Good job

  12. You are such a cheeky cunt i love it

  13. Very honourable video with raw, uncut action that shows how incredibly good you are at this game, frontline being a mental battle.

  14. It's insane how you don't have more subs. Your content is legit godlike.

  15. Its all About those smeaky slimy subs

  16. That outro makes so much sense if ur high

  17. The situation has ended Sir Anakin for I have the superior position on this battlefield.

  18. Good content. Still dont know wtf your doing with your endings but getting better. I guess endings are like trying to draw a cartoon with five fingers for you. It'll be the FunkMunker trademark.

  19. Now that’s how you end a video

  20. That ending is god teir

  21. Sub. These are excellent.

  22. I’m super glad that I came across that weapon video you made. You are really fucking funny :) I’m subbed now.

  23. You funny bruh.

  24. Ahoy mateys !<br />I'm here to steal the booty

  25. fucking hell cunt that outro got me

  26. Just found your channel, it's great for one so small! I hope to see more videoes in future dude!

  27. All the kids who say kick only play duels they don’t know how to play frontline

  28. <a href="">6:03</a> warcrimes

  29. Love the outro, was highly entertained

  30. <a href="">6:03</a> he kills the bard >:(

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