The Story (and background) of Classic World of Warcraft [Lore]

The Story (and background) of Classic World of Warcraft [Lore]

Classic World of Warcraft makes its return in August, while the beta has just opened up! An adventure that began almost 15 years ago, but what’s the story behind it all? What are some of the major plots that play out in game? That’s what we’re going to talk about today…I hope you’ll enjoy ^_^

If you’re looking for some more details on all the things we talked about today, check out this article:

Classic Lore Playlist:

Quests I’d recommend to check out:
The Legend of Stalvan;
Tirion Fordring:
Petrified Leaf (hunter):
The Defias Brotherhood:
The Missing Diplomat (Ally):
It’s a secret to everybody:
The Battle of Darrowshire:
The Scythe of Elune:
Scholomance Quest:

Want More Lore?!
Story of Moira:
Story of Saurfang:
The Story of Queen Azshara:
“Rebirth of the Black Empire”

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  4. I played classic, but man, I never knew the lore behind the dungeons and I knew very little about Alliance lore. Can't wait to revisit it all again, and try out raiding this time!

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I've played Warcraft since Orcs & Humans. I love the game, loved the lore. I am seriously considering WoW Classic.

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  22. Playing a mage for soon to be classic release. My main goal is to get atiesh. Oh boy the grinds coming boys.

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  41. I love your content nobbel, as always accurate and well written, but I think I need to correct you here:<br />on <a href="">9:20</a>, I'm not certain if you are implying that the summoning of archimonde made arthas lose power, but that was not what happened. What happened was that illidan was trying to kill the LK, with a spell that would torn Northrend apart, while on process of the ritual, his brother sensed this rupture of the earth and stopped him in time. But this spell was not a complete failure, it breached the LK's frozen throne a bit, enough to make him bleed, thus making Arthas lose his power bit by bit and losing control over his minions, sylvanas included.

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