1. Most points sound more like simply leveling a toon the first time on a new server. <br /><br /><br />Just reset the current game to zero and you got the same effect, of course only for a while, until more and more people reach max level again and the auctions houses and so on fill up again.

  2. If I have to walk to mauradon, then screw vanilla thats not why I want to play wow.<br />Also, making leveling process harder and making things take longer time wont make it any better.<br />Everything just takes too much time.

  3. It's not just on retail. I've been playing on private servers for a while and on every TBC or Vanilla server i went on everyone was more friendly and willing to help. I remember i made a low lvl paladin and some random guy just came and gave me free gear, and even offered to enchant my current gear. It's insane how helpful ppl are on these older versions of wow

  4. To anyome that actually wants to play classic gl on getting a mount in general also trinkets gold period and gl even getting to lvl 20 90% of people won't hit 50

  5. For people complaining about current state of WoW, it is made for kids, their biggest fanbase.<br />It is easier in order to prevent as much obstacles as possible from "Happy shot" induced by random rewards. For us the more obstacles there are the stronger the "Happy shot" is because we feel like we earn it, but not for younger players, this "I earned it" threshold is much lower.<br /><br /><br />I'm not advocating for or against and had so much fun playing WoW, but this is the current state and the direction it is taking.<br /><br /><br />Now, this is our role to support wow Classic, and hopefully give Blizzard a sense that a good share of their player base don't like to be so guided and supported. And let's hope they improve the Classic Base they are building by keeping in mind the last facts, so their future work will bring stuff to improve the quality of life, but not transform us as brain-dead toddlers.

  6. WoW fans: WoW Classic is the best WoW, I wish we can play it again.<br /><br />WoW fans when they get Classic: Classic sucks

  7. You think games are supposed to be slow, sloppy, time consuming, and WOW is suppose to be a story driven game not a challenge game if you want CHALLENGING game then play something else

  8. It will seriously last a few weeks tops, Everyone will run off to play it as a fad, then just get bored after a few weeks of slow grinding. What made Vanilla WoW fun was because it was NEW. It was the best we had at the time. The game was incredibly flawed in so many ways, yet everyone who makes these videos about Classic acts like having to grind mobs for hours because they ran out of quests a great feature.

  9. I want to play classic so I can make the same class I play now so I can really feel like my undead Spriest REALLY did rise when arthis was around.....yes this is for RP purposes

  10. Classic WoW's most important feature is.....Barrens (Xroads) chat! Awww yeah!

  11. If anyone was wrong it was the fans who demanded Classic. Not Blizzard for giving it to them. Mainly because those same people, without a doubt, will complain about Classic.

  12. I think classic won't last long. Most likely majority of the player base would be old wow players from times of vanilla. Now they have families some of them kids and most of them job. So they will play as long as personal life would allow them. And I believe that effort and time what you need put in to classic gonna be to much. I don't know about new players it's hard to say I think it's not gonna be many of them.<br />People moan about BFA and modern wow but look at this from perspective of 14 years it's all about keeping players and and gain new one. At the moment retail game it's that big it overwhelming plus lvl cap 120. I can't imagine this game to not have portals and short cuts to make new players hit the and game quicker and easier. I recently come back to wow started new class I'm lvl 65 and it's not smooth and quick as everyone saying. I can only play for 2-3 h a day max and I start to get tired slowly. Obviously I will hit lvl 120 but I can imagine what other people going through trying to hit 120.<br />It's good to have classic and retail. Retail will keep players and gain new one and classic would bring old players and give them extra subs for some time.

  13. Really enjoying the less hury hury of classic, things are more meaningful and taking time on something does not feel like your falling behind by focusing on only one thing at a time.

  14. I might try Classic at some point, once I've done everything I've planned for BfA.

  15. This whole thing for me is weird. I am not a wow player, but from my point of view it looks like this. "Hey, I dumped the last 15 years of my life into this game to get where I am. Let me start again from scratch." Do you people not feel like it's a waste?

  16. people. dont. want. an. old. game. people. want. the. old. experience. dungeon/raid finders making you group with people who might as well be bots, gear sets not separated for pvp/pve, items that just drop because you did the thing by just clicking... It's called World of Checklists not warcraft, you don't craft anything in World of Checklist, its a SET rotation for each spec with specified buffs in mind and more passive abilities than I can even be bothered to read. You could remove every single leveling and social experience from World of Checklist and you'd have the same game you've got now except everyone could just log in and play. It's boring. it's shit.

  17. Classic has the best pvp lmfao > 1vx mage

  18. What is even the point of making a video about this lmao? Of course they were wrong, everyone knows that. Literally everyone has always known vanilla was objectively the best WoW in terms of game design.

  19. Classic WoW is just good game design. It’d almost be cool to see it updated with new graphics and dungeons by following a different path but it would just end up shit again. Lol. I’ll jump in and try it again. Looks fun.

  20. Classic wow will be Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....no arena and having to get 60 levels 39 of them walking...NOTY

  21. I didn't play the classic way back when. I played the Blizzcon demo and I'm hyped! It felt exactly what WoW should feel like. Most fun I've had in a long while with World of Warcraft.

  22. I can't wait for classic. It will be greatest week in retail ever.

  23. Ah, the shill is strong with this one.

  24. Everything about Retail, it's progression and accomplishment means fuck all. Hell nobody even fucking talks anymore. It's a shell of its former self. Classic cannot come sooner.

  25. I laugh when people say BFA is better. It barely has 2M players worldwide, compared to all previous expansions is the lowest wow has ever had. Yes, it's definitely a better game that barely anyone plays compared to all previous expansions (sarcasm).

  26. No way people will quit after a week. Me and many others have played on private servers for 5+ years daily

  27. I don’t think it will be for everyone.... In facts, kids will maybe don’t like because it’s slow and hard. But, for some people like me(who have played a couple of years during the previous patches).... Idgaf to pay like 20$/mounth to play at the game who destroyed my childhood lol

  28. Maybe its a conspiracy: let them see how bad it was, so that the current game seems so much more AMAZING

  29. 7 more days until the August 26th release (NA). I'm so fucking excited I can't even play retail.

  30. Seems to be going well here in the future XD

  31. It is pretty shit

  32. i wana play vanilla plus. it woud be the best game in the world.

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