Mordhau - Beastly 32-Kill Bloodlust Destruction - Mordhau Beginner Frontline Gameplay

Mordhau – Beastly 32-Kill Bloodlust Destruction – Mordhau Beginner Frontline Gameplay

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Music by Berserkyd

Mordhau: Multiplayer medieval melee game –
Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval melee game with a strong emphasis on skill-based combat.

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  1. Ah yea back with the blood shed

  2. Been having a ton of WoW w/ the Classic WoW Beta, but we've gotta keep the MORDHAU action rolling as well! :D

  3. Prophen Velen

  4. <a href="">17:08</a> HAHAHAHA :D FUNNY XD

  5. You should do duels :D

  6. ?[LIVE] <br />TUESDAY MORNING GAINS????? <br />Come hang out & ?POWER UP?at <a href=""></a>

  7. I like WoW but I love watching you play this. I about lost it when I seen dude hopping around on one leg. 1st time I've seen that.

  8. Hey Bajheera, I've been enjoying your Mordhau vids. If you get in a chamber stab battle you can morph your stab to a slice and that usually fixes the situation.

  9. why would you attack the lutesman!!!

  10. what playlist is this?<br />please link it or something ill love you forever

  11. YRAAAAR > Hits his friend

  12. Dude you look like my highschool US history teacher

  13. Like a boss... haha Seriously Loving this game! just put out my first clip! So many Hilariously random moments in this game!

  14. Chivarly is much much better then this game.... It's just sad how that game doesn't have players.


  16. Where are all the shields???

  17. It's pronounced ri-post not ripahst

  18. Which character built is this?

  19. Your FOV is aids

  20. Did you know in the options you can turn off team color and also activate team indicators, changes the game.

  21. Not to be rude but it looks like he just got done dressing up as a drag queen. Lol

  22. This game is dumpster juice

  23. You know that when you press h you can see who's in your team.

  24. I think they can grow this into a full fledged MMO type game with a huge world. The combat gameplay looks excellent I'm talking about the animations they look fluid....but LOOKS very boring and repetitive

  25. Is this Kratos playing?

  26. Liked just for the "debts must be paid" quote

  27. Is this a pc game?

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