Mordhau Vs For Honor, 5 Major Differences Between the Two

Mordhau Vs For Honor, 5 Major Differences Between the Two

Which fighting game is better? Mordhau or For Honor? What are the differences? Which one you should go for?

The Medieval fighting genre has become more popular in recent years. Games like Chivalry Medieval Warfare, Mordhau and For Honor come to mind and each game has a huge fan following. Mordhau being the latest entry in Medieval fighting genre is the talk of the town for the time being.

So in this video, we are going to compare Mordhau with For Honor and answer the burning questions mentioned above. This will also answer the question whether you should Buy Modhau or not.

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  1. Which Medieval fighting game has the best combat?

  2. Morhdau has given me more joy and moments of pure fun then any game has in years in only a few days. Combat feels clunky at first but as your comfort and skill grows so does your experience in game. For Honor was also a really fun experience but for me it lacked just didn’t have me hooked like Mordhau.

  3. Why you didn't put any for honor gameplay?

  4. One word - lute

  5. Th for honor community is so toxic so Mordhau already has an advantage above that

  6. Mordhau is realistic but for honor is fucking epic

  7. The problem with these videos is that you can tell that they don't have a lot of hours in either game. As a for honor vet with 1500 hrs in the game and 100 hours in Mordhau I can say that they barley scratched the surface if you are a melee combat vet this is not a very helpful video. From what I've gathered so far is that over all for honor is way more in depth. The idea of 100 DIFFERENT ANGLES is not as detailed as it seams as its 100 different variations of about 9 angles(the ninth angle being the stab). For Honor has so much more depth in its multiple layers of defense a shit tone of different moves and ways to counter them. Another point about the different games is that weapons in Mordhau are basically the same where as for honor all the different weapons play as different as they possibly could and coming with a unique character for each weapon AND there is a lot of fucking characters. Here is a list of the main differences.<br /><br /><br />Mordhau Counters: Parry, Chamber , Dodge(if you have the perk), Duck(also not guaranteed be that good or bad)<br /><br /><br />For Honor Counters: Block, Parry, Superior Light, Deflect(each deflect is different), All Block Stance, Vortigers Shield Flip, Hidden stance, Dodge(much more guaranteed be that good or bad), Tiandi dragon dodges<br /><br /><br />Mordhau Attacks: Swing(including drags and accels), Kick<br /><br /><br />For Honor Attacks: Heavy, Light, Stunning Tap, Bashes(Head Butt, Kicks, Shield Bashes), Grabs(Highlanders Caber Toss, JJs grab after parry, Shamans Bite, Shugoki Demon Embrace), Highlanders Celtic Curse, Undodgables, Unblockables ,Guard Break, I cant even mention all of them here basically for honor has 24 with 2 upcoming characters that are all unique with there moves and counters. <br /><br /><br /> <br /><br />Now about the players... when i watch tutorials on mordhau and look at what is considered good I kind of cringe a little. What is very basic shit to someone like me who enjoys difficult and hardcore learning curves in games most people in mordhau have clearly never played a melee game other than mordhau and I constantly finding myself killing people very easily because everyone fights pretty much the same and is very predictable. For example 99.99999% of the time if i chamber an opponents attack they parry in response which is an easy feint for me, this literally happens all the time. It seems the general consensus is swing, parry and drag and accels ur attack until the other guy fucks up. If you did this in for honor you would die. I am more used to having to catch people out, play the mind game and win because I outsmarted them and most of all its awesome when i get out smarted(I very rarely get out smarted in mordhau mainly because its kind of simple). Now i do get out smarted rarely and fights have a few elements of mind games but players don't use them enough(probably because they don't play a lot of melee combat games) and there is not a lot of those types of elements in the first place.<br /><br /><br />I personally think that each game is equally good though. They both have different experiences to offer but for the people looking for a more high skill epic experience For Honor wins hands down.

  8. Mordhau has an option to go third person and it works quite well in a lot of situations.

  9. Yes, Mordhau is in first person, but you can get a 3rd person view with the click of a button, "P."

  10. The guy is just trying to sell Mordhau and not even trying to pretend to be fair.

  11. <b>Talks almost only about mordau</b><br /><b>shows almost only mordhau gameplay</b><br />= he's mordhau fanboi <br />(R.I.P. ME)

  12. for honor is better

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