Here are my thoughts on Classic WoW after 2 weeks of the Classic WoW BETA.




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  • Hopefully I'll be able to upload more after the move over these next few days. Sorry for the absence guys – believe me, I'm ITCHING to get back!

  • soo most na servers are going to have more horde on each side ? if soo game will not last long in the long run , when 3-10 horde zerg one ally in world pvp lol…seems 66% will be horde from all ic on twitch and youtube

  • This basically looks like the same exact game that came out nearly 15 years ago…. I would've thought Blizzard would have at least upgraded the graphics to make it looks like a modern game. But it doesn't. It looks horribly outdated. I just don't see the appeal anymore.

  • Here is the sad truth. The fixes and classic game etc are real nice and all so is how smooth everything is…and here is the but. As a Vanilla wow player I am very very disappointed that I have to pay for a subscription to access classic. I'm gonna take a guess here and think that perhaps EA has something to do with this greed. Question… Private servers free or smooth and authentic for $15 for a 15 year old game?; Here is your gift Vanilla fans pay us for it lol.

  • I'm glad everything has been slowed back to how it should be, its like an actual game again all the way through instead of just rush to max level to have fun.

    Difficulty makes sense though, it should seem easier now that we all have like 15 years of MMO exp under our belts taking this game on again now lol.

  • my response to the topic you started at 50:00 or around that time – no other MMO was able to capture what original vanilla + TBC wow did – no other developer managed to capture what made WOW what it was. And to be absolutely honest with you, I dont even think Blizzard itself knows how to do it – lot of original designers are no longer in the company. I dont think we will see anything like Classic wow anytime soon. After all, Blizzard is still owned by Activision, and its about money first and foremost, and unless Classic blows the expectations, I dont think they would start development again

  • Well, my impression is that Blizzard is a horrible, horrible gaming company. Their payment page is now deliberately confusing in order to trick people who just want classic into paying a sub for retail. It's really fraud and someone should sue them. Anything to stretch the failed experiment that is casual wow for another few months. Crooks!

  • Twitch streamer possies is a new way of ruining game balance. Should be fun. The internet is just completely hopeless. People are hopeless. Nothing exists that will not immediately be ruined by people on the internet.

  • I dont see why people complain about streamers getting a invite. Its free advertisement for blizzard and in honesty makes the game more fun for people who have no one to play with or didnt even really care much about classic until they saw all the fun stuff happening. Though personally im gonna try to avoid streamer servers lol but i dont blame them for accepting them.

  • lol… Beta for a game that's been out a decade and a half… I guess WoW is now like all those "early release" games. In Beta or even Alpha for a decade before "release". But they don't care, cause they made millions on their unfinished game already. Cause gamers = only consumer demographic that knowingly, and willingly pays for unfinished products.

    I'm wondering why there's a level cap in the beta as well. What's the point of a beta if the majority of the game is locked out? How many bugs are there from 30-60 and end game content?

  • I quit playing years ago. World content disappeared and made the game no fun. Something about constantly looking behind your back while questing that I hated but missed. Should be fun to play again.

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