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There’s an ongoing debate happening across the internet as to what is better – Battle for Azeroth or Classic World of Warcraft? Is Classic WoW REALLY as good as people say it is, is it all just rose tinted goggles, or what? Well, in this video I wanted to show you guys for myself what I believe are the key differences between the two games. I did this by playing for an hour in both BFA and in Classic, recording the adventure, and then sharing with you all the notes that I took.

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  • Im a 16 level hunter in classic wow. Its my first time ever in wow and Im having a blast guys. I dunno about bfa cause never tried it but man, classic wow is a masterpiece

  • I did the same test as you
    3 hours in each

    I prefer retail the best moment was grabbin the spec and geting my first talent
    The more i leveled the game for more fun i did meet friends the first one was in hellfire peninsula the second one was in pandaria

    Not that classic wasn't fun

  • I think the starting comparison of hand holding is unfair. I mean in classic you walk out of the crypt, walk down the one road you can walk down and there’s a quest giver right there. It’s not a massive difference.

  • Everything in this video is absolutely true Im also one of the guys who likes to play both versions of the game but I also have spent way more time in classic since its release for the same reasons I just fell way more immersed in the world The Problem in BFA is for me I hate leveling a new charakter because its just boring there is no challenge and no playerinteraction at all they could easy fix this whole problem if they just made leveling a good bit harder and change the exp%+ system for example that you can choose to have a passive +50% exp rate if you already have a charakter at over level sixty for all the classic zones the endgame of bfa is filled with activitys you can do alone with a small group or with a big guild if you just look for it so that is fine I think I just would wish they would remove this whole warforge and titanforge bullshit or at least change it so that a normal raid item cant be better than a heroic that destroyed the whole raiding thing for me …

    sry for bad grammar by the way english isnt my first language

  • Both games have elements I like and hate. I definitely love classic for the reason that everything feels more meaningful and it encourages player interactions. But currently the game doesn't have much diversity to offer. Theres pretty much only levelling and maybe levelling profession on the side. And that is done by questing mostly which starts to get pretty boring and grindy towards the end. I went to BFA and I had so much to do if I got bored of one thing. Do some battlegrounds, arenas, dungeons, world quests, transmog hunting. Its also relatively alt friendly at least from the point of how much it takes to level to max. But somehow it feels empty, and not an MMO anymore and there is no sense of community. Feels bad

  • imo, the Classic WoW was a master movement by Blizzard.
    people loves Classic, but I think it's more a "I feel nostalgic…" instead of "classic wow is better"

    Yeah, now is fun, you're leveling up, grinding things, making friends, nice. But people will start to get to max lvl, some will try raids, others just go for pvp, and others will just start thinking what can I do now.

    After some time people WILL stop playing. You can't play the same exp for 3 years. But now you really like wow, what are you going to do? Probably give a try at retail wow. There are a lot of changes since BFA started, they give you a free 110 and BFA if you level to 60 in classic so… Probably a lot of people will end up trying retail again.
    And taking in consideration Blizzard gained 220% playerbase since Classic WoW was launched… Probably a lot of people will try retail, and some others will go back to retail, to see how things are now.

    So yeah, they fucked up pretty badly with BFA, but they are now making some good changes, fixing things, and overall trying to make BFA a fun exp. Doing that, and also giving the new players the option to try retail without any special efforts, it's a really clever idea.

    Overall… I think Blizzard is going into a nice direction. After all the things that happened,. they are making great decisions again, and I'm glad of that. I hope this continues that way, after BFA, overwatch current state, the dead of HoTS, and the diablo mobile game, they were getting close to getting the company burned, so I hope this is a good start :)))

  • The main problem is the core game play. If they went back to the game play back in the original game it would infinity better. All World of Warcraft need was better graphics over time and I guess maybe a more cinematic experience when it came to later or newer quests. The original game is basically a masterpiece. And the little improvement they have done over the years could be useful like what you showed with the crafting system. But that is all they need to do. Not change the core game play, which really involves interacting with other players as you showed. No heroic or normal Dungeons or Raid finders where you don't even have to talk to the community of people.

  • Yeah, yeah, I know the feeling of awesomeness when you get to team with people more often back in the older mmorpgs. HOWEVER, when you DON'T get a team, it's HELL and I am in love with modern mmorpgs allowing us to go at it alone, OR with a team. There are options now days. It's not " Team up while you're taking a dump, or the dump might be too difficult and you'll die on the toilet" like back in the old days.

  • BFA is just to easy. 1-100 in a week. After three weeks in classic I'm only lvl 40. Pretty much BFA is for toooo casual players where you are hand help and given a pacifier. Classic….your thrown to the wolves. Where you can have a grp of 6 get wiped out in classic battling same level elites. In BFA one player can charge in and kill 4 of them. So to recap…BFA is for the young generation who want instant gratification…classic is for hard core grinders who appreciate community efforts.

  • What other MMOs are still like this? Needing to rely on the support of others, and a community feel? That's what I want, yo! Maybe I should play Classic WoW xD

  • I see your point, and I like both games, but you can't compare BFA and Vanilla both from start levels, here is the difference: VANILLA was deisgned as a new game, giving you a good experience from lvl 0 to 60, and I'm agree Vanilla (Classic) is so far better than BFA at the start and feels more realistic, but you gotta understand BFA should be "enjoyable" from lvl 110 to 120, this expansion was designed for you to have fun in max level, they won't focus on early levels, because people already got that experience 15 years ago, otherwise it would take like 3 months or more to get to lvl 120

    In my opinion to compare both games you should do it for anothers points of view, not the first levels

  • This is a biased test. BfA is all about the endgame and endless content to do. Classic is about leveling up, once you are max level you have like two things to do every week and are done after a few hours.

  • I only played up to Burning Crusades and stopped because of work and school. I was only a short timer and only did twink characters and PVP, but man I didn't realize how bad the new WoW is. I never played BFA but all the positive points of WoW classic you made hit the spot. Those are the reasons why I got into the game. One last comment about the PVE aspect; I always felt in danger and afraid to die because the world then felt actually threatening.

  • lol BFA is meant for end game content not lvling content, vanilla is all about lvling, 90% of vanilla content is lvling up to 60 lol… this guy dosent seem like he played true vanilla

  • I was a former WoW addict (“classic” version). I’ve been off it for so long that I didn’t realize there’s a revamped version until I accidentally fell down this BFA rabbit hole on YouTube. Perhaps I’ll give BFA a try as it sounds less addicting. 😄

  • I'm having so much fun with Classic. I can't understand how Blizzard managed to ruin such a well made game.
    Who would've thought that the WoW killer would be WoW itself.

  • i never can find friend in new wows but in classic even at lvl 30 in have many friends and thats why i keep playing it instead of new versions cuz there is no reason playing MMO RPG alone by your self

  • One thing that pisses me off about BFA is what they did to my aspect of the cheetah on my main alt. It lasts for a mere 3 seconds then has a 3 minute cooldown. In classic it's on until I turn it off.

    I've been away (which was never my intention at the time it happened, but r/l intrudes and some things must be sacrificed) for the last 4.5 years or so. We were in the middle of WoD when I played last (before Classic dropped), so I don't even know how to play my class in BFA. I log on to see what I can do and more than half the add-ons I used to use are abandoned and I've no idea where to go or what to do.

    In classic I never had that problem. Granted, I took forever to level up because I felt like I was living there because of the degree of immersion. I would wander around not doing anything in particular until I finally got a questing add-on guide and was able to focus a bit more on leveling to max. But I was having a blast the whole time until they started making it easier. Every expansion they made it easier and easier… & less and less immersive.

    I don't think I'd complain this much if I'd been able to keep up my sub the entire time, but who knows. I've played both since resubbing for Classic and I definitely prefer Classic. I will eventually start a brand new alt on retail so I can learn how the game works from the ground up, but my first foray into it recently was kinda discouraging because a lot of the original content is gone or uber streamlined. But I can do that OG content on Classic now (again).

  • in short…
    one version is designed for 10 year olds with the attention span of an ikea screw.
    the other one got revived for the annoyed parent of said 10 yr old like myself because we are old enough to remember that it felt good when you gained something through sweat,tears and effort.

  • Bring back in classic now for about a month, I had to remember to pace myself. And I realized muscle memory is a thing… needed my macros. damn i hope bliz keep building on this

  • this right here is why i played private servers for years until classic launched modern wow is a joke anyone that says it is a chellenge has never played vanilla or BC wow has gradualy goten worse every expansion after lich king ill never go back to modern again

  • Having just jumped onto wow after a break since WoD I never want to log off. Because there’s so much to do, if that’s how Classic is but worse I gotta wait till after college lol

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