top 4 EU team Kappa
Special thanks to Christian, inferno, Ash, and ofc Crush for animating these.


Timestamps soon I guess…

There are 13-19 drags shown in total.

As I said, RIPOSTES COMING OUT LATER. But you can apply the same techniques to everything, really.



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  • Everyones complaining and im just like "wow look at how readable and smooth those drags look".
    People dont know how good they have it with this game and it hurts to see it get unnecessary criticism

  • Hey bro, i'm very glad that you have made this video – really explains alot. Just a few questions from noob: 1. Do i get it right that the main movement is done after release when mouse sensivity is reduced so you have to swing your mouse alot? 2. How to find a good sensivity to use? I use mostly wrist grab so i'm a bit "limited" with mouse movement, however i've got a big mouse carpet to improve my ability to move weapon during attack, but im a bit confused on sensivity to use. If i use big one its uncomfortable to just walk, turn around, and to do things, if i use low one – I doubt that i will be able to do enough movement during drags.

    Thanks alot bro ! P.S. I main zwei and really want to do proper drags so your advice is highly appreciated.

  • This is why im quitting the game cause this technique is fucked up ive duelled many people and ive killed many ( those who dont do this kind of shit movements ) and always lost to those tho fast up or slow up the attack cause on my eyes i see the animation that hes going to attack me.. i block it but no i didnt block it cause the animation is still going and get rid of my head this is just fucked up how can some one fight like that ? look at the guy on the right it shows like hes hitting your legs but no hes hitting you from the side wich very confuses your enemy ( me ) i dont know about others but ive seen many people on duel server being like 26 kills 2 deaths and honestly i call this kind of cheating .. yes many say if it would not be like that then the game would be annoying but not really you can attack from the same side like your enemy do and do counter you can do many things keep distance and so on but THIS SHIT is just rediculous its like ok i go for it IF LUCKY i block when the hit would be blocked 100% without those enemy movements likes srsly what the fuck is this.. this technique should be removed and yeah im not asking enemy to become dummy training thing no but atleast do something about it .. cause this looks like use an advantage of the movements like idk a bug if you turn to left and hit from right he get instant hit wtf is that .. normaly if you look to the left and hit from the right you should not get the enemy you should just swing your sword in air cause youre not EVEN aiming at the enemy so yah fuck it .. instead of getting fun in this game ( even if the game is wonderful ) i still get stressed expecially when you want a fair fight and you get 3 hits in a row cause you block and the enemy sword comes way later than the animation or even when you just literally cant react to that

  • put youtube slow motion to 0.25 speed and look at 1:30 in that case for example i parry the right hit from the enemy sword but the enemy sword starts animation from right but hits you from left .. broken shit

  • Thank you for making this, it was really helpful. Don't listen to the naysayers who don't understand that this meta would come about no matter what, regardless of whether there are guides on it or not.

  • I’ve seen some of the most insane 3 second drags in this game. Honestly I think they could have introduced acels and drags without the dumb animations it really takes away from this beautiful game.

  • I dont understand the difference between any of these attacks. They all visually look the same and they all attack at the same time. It would seem that traditional drags and accels (and feinted versions) have more practical use in competitive play. Any time Ive come across people using attacks similar to what you have shown, they have never been able to hit me. They are predictable and uncontrollable for the attacker with no viable benefit other than to feint and morph those spazzy attacks. Otherwise, they are just more visually confusing to the attacker, instead of the defender.

  • Such a stupid, broken mechanic. A simple fix is to have weapon damage reduced if it doesn’t hit at the apex of the swing and to reduce the hit window. Blocking drags is basically impossible with the current animations and they still do full damage. 3rd person needs to be remove too, if makes cheesing like this too easy.

  • Lol,i'm master at chambering/chamber + feints ,chamber + morphs ,chamber/block or feint + weapon change(when you change your weapon. but tbh,i never worked on drags and accels.Now with your video,i got them,so let's hunt some peasants(and competitive players.)

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