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  • ive come to the conclusion that i DO NOT LIKE this game……. there is soooooo much i really dont like ….Ive gotta say NIOH was a better game….. there are soooo many things wrong with the control mechanics its almost unplayable…. ive got full recorded footage of my character doing little jumps when i try to heal, sometimes the blocking system just DOES NOT WORK…. ive even got footage of my lock-on being cancelled aswell as some of the moves i do being cancelled mid move, as for the hit boxes sometimes they seem to be so inconsistent like one minute the move dont count then all of a sudden it does….and dont get me started on the camera that just does what eva the fuck it wants………… as for this one, then two and even three to four forms is just boring in the boss fights…….first time in a long time ive started to lose interest in a game due to the game itself….. never played dark souls and probs never will if this is the mechanic set….. i mean yes its a challenge but its not even anymore its just boring….The repetitivness is actually what gets to me and the fun and gameplay seem to outway the reward……. im goin to try stick with it a little longer but to be honest i think this deserves to be traded in and left to collect dust on the shelves….. when the reward out ways the fun then ya gotta ask yourself why waste one life on shit that is goin no where…… SORRY bout the rant mate but i love hard games and find them sooooo rewarding but this is just stupid really….especially with such an unresposive fighting system and bullshit moves that are completely designed to fail…… keep at it bro ya doin better than me lol…. my final words …..ill never play another from software game as you seem to have to win by luck not skill….. and that is the cheapest rip off ever….. enjoy my rant mate…..

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