FINALLY having FUN IN WoW (Classic Beta)

FINALLY having FUN IN WoW (Classic Beta)

Who DOESN’T love Classic? In this video you’ll see some of the best players in the world making mistakes, dying over and over, making friends, and jebaiting their friends! Be sure to hit LIKE if you enjoyed this video
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  1. Not only do we have HUGE plans for Classic at launch (TOPSECRET) but we've a STACK of Classic content lined up for you coming VERY SOON!<br />Starting very shortly with Gold Making in Classic followed by Venruki's EPIC win in the recent Tipsout Duel Tournament<br />SUBSCRIBE TO NOT MISS ANYTHING!<br />Thanks for watching

  2. Mr.Mario is that you?

  3. Alliance shit.

  4. Why is Ron Jeremy the pornstar playing wow

  5. They hired a memer for edit.

  6. Method in Classic is an Oxymoron

  7. stop QUACKing on every "fuck" word dat stupid and childish...(ufagget))

  8. finally a place where there is no asmongold

  9. Wish I could finally be having fun in wow

  10. Where's little payo?

  11. "Who DOESN'T love Classic?" - me

  12. those clips are nto different from the live, you can to that things, im gettin tired of this bs fo this classic streamers is getting so out of control

  13. a wild mario appears

  14. <a href="">3:04</a> WINDOWS XP!!!11

  15. I see you guys are getting on the clip train!!!

  16. WoW, the WoW killer

  17. Full Vanilla brain activation at the end right there. GG.

  18. I am still having fun in WoW. But I'm excited to have twice as much fun now.

  19. Report everyone 8-27-19 or now i do for spam as 10 maybe get you silenced. <a href="">#Atleastmakeclassicclassicagain</a>

  20. Lol make Azeroth great again.. too funny

  21. It's summer Kids, get your Icecream

  22. classic had an amazing top end game... but it was just a niche section of play that those that wanted it could focus on... the best part of "Classic" is and always will be the climb to 60... just getting there was awesome!

  23. finally time stamps! Thank you

  24. Sco looking like a fucking mannequin


  26. So has Mcconnel ever put a face with his name?

  27. "What happened ??? I died instantly??? How???" While about 7 enemy player standing around and shot at him at the same time. lol

  28. I used to say ''Howdy'' all the time back in Vanilla/BC >.<

  29. <a href="">1:14</a> staged trash

  30. they couldn't bump up the graphics some more?

  31. Esfand seems like a cool and chill dude and fun to watch. Rest of the filthy crowd seem to act like cunts who had damaged puberties in 2004 and ended up being a dickface.

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