It’s finally here. One of the biggest Apex Legends patches yet. It includes new game mode, new challenges, new skins, new badges, bunny hop healing has been removed and so much more.

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I honestly thought this day wouldn’t come for a while. But they did it, Respawn has removed Bunny hop healing. They’ve also made a huge number of changes to the game that may have gone unnoticed behind all of the new content. Let’s take a look at the changes.

I’ll get into the actual content later, it’s pretty much wildly covered, so I’ll focus on the things like bug fixes and gameplay improvements that many people have missed.

So first up, and perhaps the biggest point of discussion. They have removed the ability to bunny hop heal. They said they wanted to remove it, and now it’s finally gone. I was honestly surprised they got to it so quickly.

This will make a huge change to the flow of gameplay and restrict a player’s ability to win 1vx situations, because it will become that much harder to heal up in time. Bunny hop healing essentially allowed you to use a med as soon as possible as you moved to cover to finish the heal safely. Now, you’ll need to either slide to cover, use it somewhere that may be more risky, or run to cover first and waste time to heal.

Many high level players knew how to bunny hop heal, so without it, players will need to rely more on their team mates for providing support when they heal up. I think we’ll notice a few changes to the flow of fights now, and It’s going to take some time to get used to the removal of this feature. I guess it won’t be long before we are all used to the changes, though. I’ll have to make a follow up post once I’ve tested the game without bunny hop healing for longer.

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