Minecraft Earth: Apple WWDC Gameplay Reveal

Minecraft Earth: Apple WWDC Gameplay Reveal

How does Minecraft Earth, the new augmented reality game bringing the world of Minecraft to our universe, really work? See how in this live demo from Apple’s WWDC on 3 June 2019. Sign up for your chance to be one of the first to play on iOS this summer: http://earth.minecraft.net/sign-up



  1. I can't download Minecraft earth in play store

  2. <b>uh oh chicken, sorry</b> ?

  3. mojang... cave update when?

  4. coooooollll!!!!

  5. Is it free please tell me its free!!!!!????

  6. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNo38kNy_EU&t=4m04s">4:04</a> aw man

  7. Wy all gods apps come frist to ios like fortinite. 78% peapole are on android

  8. I have minecraft earth

  9. I tried to sign in but my weakness on sign in’s! Codes that will be sent to you!!!!!! Just please microsoft i cant sign in my minecraft just please :( p-please i tried to sign in but ends up having a bad day

  10. Number 12th Minecraft earth

  11. Breaking news<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> sadly local civilians have been killed after an armed terrorist spawned a wither and creepers in the middle of a mall 20 injured and 15 sadly dead "awwwwww maaaaaan" says president block ofarmer.

  12. Creepers exploding hospitals <br />:v

  13. Y’all should have a one week event every week where everyone in the world can build whatever they want in the same world then you reset the whole thing ?<br />Prolly not gonna happen tho ?

  14. Now isis can just use creepers as suicide bombers. Thanks a lot mojang!

  15. Wen dis coming out?

  16. Audience: mojang give us 1 $ fotpr capping and laughing

  17. When you want to be in minecraft without magic

  18. what was that mud

  19. Creeper aww man

  20. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNo38kNy_EU&t=2m19s">2:19</a> showing yourself in Minecraft earth is gonna be definitely a meme

  21. Only if it was on PlayStation VR with the play station camera

  22. Do u have to pay for this

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  24. ?

  25. 3,1 millon dislikes from the fans of fortnite

  26. watch out a creeper everyone watching awe man

  27. i just found this guys video and if you just follow the tutorial you can play it already<br />this is the link:<a href="https://youtu.be/JYtabjwiN_M">https://youtu.be/JYtabjwiN_M</a>

  28. Wow!! I will login now!!! I not can believe this is a evolution of the humans

  29. That was max perfect make it right now

  30. wait ios??

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