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  • I think singleplayer/linear games have a very bright future, because of 2 primary reasons:
    1) In the gaming market, we are witnessing the addition of a new customer segment – that of an older audience (80s kids and 90s kids). These customers are the ideal targets for singleplayer games. These individuals have less time for gaming, and a singleplayer experience offers the maximum value proposition per unit time.
    2) Thinking from a publisher/developer's point of view, multiplayer games are higher risk investments, as the top 1% of such games gather 99% of the eyeballs. This means that even if you make a good quality multiplayer game, it may very easily fall flat on its face. On the other hand, if you make a quality linear game (singleplayer game), the developers/publishers are almost guaranteed a meaty RoI. Consequently, the singleplayer experience is a much more safer bet for companies (but as Uncle Ben said, "With lower risks come lower returns").

    In my opinion, the only viable way to become a sustainably profitable publishing force in the future – is to balance the risk profile of the gaming product portfolio, with an optimal combination of multiplayer games and the singleplayer story driven experiences.

  • A crutch is still a crutch in any size…Just look up the search numbers of a game story's difficulty chokepoints…How do you….Where is……those numbers are sickening…

  • The fact that people don't grasp the fact that vanilla, BC and WotLK already had the people happy is astonishing. Those games were by their own so fucking strong and gave that company so much money it is not even funny

  • The only RPGs that I've completed the main quest and most of its world content AND that I've come back to for a second full playthrough is The Witcher 3. Skryim capped me at level 20 every time, Dragon Age: Origins is too linear, and Mount and Blade: I REALLY WANT TO BECOME A KING DESPITE MY 250 HOURS INVESTED IN IT!

  • 1:35 That lack of handholding is literally OSRS. Yes, most people remember Classic WoW, but to act like it was the ONLY game that "didn't hold your hand" is outright ignorance.

  • Watching only the ending of the game is like watching the end of a tv-series or reading the ending of the book.

    You don't know the story, you haven't formed any connection to the story, that's why they call it spoilers.

  • Sad but true, mmorpgs and other games have been for years dumbed down and still are so that it’s pathetically mainstreamed for the wider audiences. Such a shame. I went from Vanilla WoW, TBC and WotLK to Wildstar because at the time of WotLK everything had been dumbed down, the challenge and magic with wow was gone. But the amazing ppl behind Vanilla WoW had moved on to the amazing Wildstar with its amazing 40 man pve raids, something that less then 1% of the entire players base could do. Wildstar was amazing but it died because it didn’t appeal to the kids and average bad none hardcore players.

    The kids and the majority of bad unskilled players forces publishers and developers to ruin games for the old school hardcore gamer, gamers that didn’t grew up being spoon feed with easy unchallenging gameplay.

  • MMOs are in a terrible situation, I can't find any MMO that can satisfy me, the only good ones were still waiting the release(WoW Classic, Pantheon and maybe AoC).

    Most MMOs come from asia and have somewhat a pay-to-win aspect in the game or anime visuals(which I don't mind because I watch animes but in MMO it breaks the immersion and often come with some cringe emotes or dances) and all of them already have been removed the features that promote social interaction with players, some of them removed sense of progression(like DBO where you start basically with multiple skills and can kill dozens of mobs in 3/4 hits) or sense of accomplishment(like Tree of Savior — the supposed "spiritual successor of ragnarok online" — where you use 1 skill on level 1 and kill 5+ mobs and level up to level 4/5 instantly just like you do in high level action MMO like Diablo 3 or PoE, while in the Ragnarok Online you had to kill mobs for over a hour to level 1 time)

  • So asmon has consumed so much content that now he's watching downward thrust? That's the bottom of the barrel…

    Nothing of what downward thrust was original or his opinion. He, and cleanprincegaming, are just copy-pasters who regurgitate the opinions they read on reddit. They don't even play most of the games they talk about.

  • Dude, if I intend to enjoy a single player game, I'm sure as hell not going to watch someone else playing it on Twitch.
    Like, if I want to go watch a movie, I'm not going to search on the Internet for spoilers and opinions of people who already watched it.

    Of course when it comes to games that I don't intend to buy anyway, I do enjoy someone else playing on Twitch, just to see the story, because I wouldn't play that game anyway.
    Like an adventure game. I'm not into adventure games, I don't play them, but if a streamer plays it…ok, I'll watch it.

  • Asmongold does not have the credibility to talk about games in general at all in my opinion. He has no idea of 99.9% of the current games. Making sweeping statements about the industry is just fking absurt.

  • Kinda got triggered by the amount of people saying "false" or "no" at his opinion that watching the games is diminishing its value you will have playing it. The most fun I had in games were games that I have never seen or I've only seen the intended stuff by the dev. No Spoilers, no huge gameplay clips that basically shows you everything etc etc.

    Not saying "Let's players" or "Streamers" are destroying the single player game industry, but I feel a lot less tempted to buy a linear, especially single player game, if I already seen a bit on stream.

    Sure , they are still great for marketing, the views, their opinion matter but the people watching this a wholelot are kinda ruining games for themself.

  • You know, another way you can tell Blizzard is really shooting themselves in the foot by making the game so easy is that it becomes so difficult to constantly make new content. If the core gameplay loop is slowed down, you don't have to pump out that much content ALL the time, and you can spend more time on making that content have a high quality.

  • Compromising core of your game to appeal to wider audience is like making three wheeler for get car enthusiasts and motorcycle enthusiast .

  • Asmon is so wrong in the beginning, I think it was Swedish scientists proved that being spoiled makes watching movies better because other wise during your first viewing you are on edge and not able to focus since you are waiting for things to happen. Once you know what is going to happen you can enjoy the movie and it's story telling. Often why people watch movies more than once, because your opinion forms after being able to notice more things, either good or bad.


    Video games are the same way, I played Shadow Of Colossus when it came out and didn't beat it. Then I watched a friend play through it and I learned more about the game. Later I watched someone lets play the whole thing, after that I played through it and adored the game again knowing it's complexities in story telling, the mystique and fantasy of the Dormin's deception and what the Colossus were. If anything it made me feel more emotions because I knew what I was doing was wrong, now did it take away that first time of knowing you were being decieved and ruining that twist ending? Maybe, but as one of Asmon's chat goers said (to paraphrase) if a lets play ruins the game, you failed as a developer.

    Linear games are like re-reading a book, re-watching a move, re-listening to an album, in no way does watching a lets play ruin a game. Unless it's something extremely limited like the Telltale games which were really just visual novels and not the most compelling at that.

    Now do I re-watch every movie I've seen? No, because I want to watch other movies. In the same vein I don't replay linear games often because there are many other games to play! That said, I've been re-playing old 16bit RPGs lately because the AAA devs have been failing to produce any game worth playing as they completely forget what makes playing linear games fun. I could go into it but bleh, I could spend the rest of my days playing older titles and not give two shits about what all these AAA hacks are even doing. But really Asmon is wrong about why people don't like linear games, the genre was just ruined because no one wanted to make good ones. Why spend time and effort on a game when you can just cram in a short single player campaign, flashy graphics and multiplayer into an FPS (or now just F2P slot machines like fortnite)?

    Linear games are dead becasue if they don't sell well you can't just pump in DLC and micro transactions. Games now are about getting people addicted, not giving gamers compelling stories or rewarding gameplay. The statement should really be "AAA devs don't like taking the risk on linear games and would rather just make money off of micro transactions"

  • "People do it all the time"

    Yes, but those are games you don't intend to play – as you said so yourself. That doesn't lessen the value of linear games at all, in fact it means they reach a wider audience than they ever would have as there are more eyes looking at the product, and more people who are likely to buy the next game that comes along.

    Will some people not buy it and just watch? Yeah! Of course they will. Just like how people who have no intention of playing League of Legends watch the LCS. Because people can watch streamers doesn't mean they suddenly don't want to experience the title for themselves.

    Hellblade was extremely popular and successful. God of War was insane in the numbers it pulled. Divinity – Original Sin 2 is one of the most renown games on PC, and it's a linear story based game. These linear games aren't just a story, there are challenges for you to overcome – an actual game to play. The progression of the story is a reward you get from completing the gameplay, meaning that by simply watching the game on youtube its akin to getting all your raid gear just by logging in – the reward without the work.

  • They replaced "Gaming" with "Gambling". It's all about money. Rather than playing for a reward, it's PAY for a CHANCE at a reward. Developers don't make games for REAL gamers any more, they make "throw-away-slot-machines" designed to be flashy for the pre-teen it's targeted at for their parent's credit card.

    The gaming inudstry has turned into Hollywood – a former goliath that doesn't know what real people want, creates crap, and is "shocked and outraged" when people revolt and call out their bull.

  • There's still a huge market for single player games. They earn a lot of money. They just don't earn ALL OF THE MONEY. That's what EA really wants. They want all the money in the fucking world. They want more money than they could ever actually put into print. And it still wouldn't be enough. Linear games. Story driven single player games. These titles are still really fucking popular and they still have the potential to destroy sale records if done well. EA execs would like you to think that these games aren't popular because it's more beneficial for them because they don't want to invest in games that don't have micro transactions. They want you to give them more money. ALL OF THE FUCKING MONEY. They want to milk you for all that you're worth and then some. People still buy into single player games even after they watch live streams of the game. Watching someone play just isn't the same as playing it yourself.

  • "Everybody's just watching the playthroughs instead of buying the game and playing it themselves."

    Don't know why so many people disagreed, that's not even wrong.

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